Flame shock not resetting with lava lash in single target

Very happy to see FS refresh staying!

I hate to bring this across threads, but is there any chance we could get more information about the state of the Storm Ele changes?

Just a bluepost regarding the outpoor of feedback on the forum post would be great to hear.

Love the enhance changes, thanks!




please respond to ele concerns, wasted all of our first two weeks of new patch, please come back with clarification for storm ele build before we waste the third week too.


How about an update to the ele thread?


Sooooooo, when you are fixing the flame shock, lava slash still not refreshing it on main target zzzzzzzz.

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i get the frustration but they made their stance on why they changed it pretty clear, whether you agree or disagree with it

aside from confirmation or denial of reverting, what exactly do you want them to say? “we hear you”? traditionally that’s just earned them backlash

I disagree that they’ve made the stance clear - if it was an “accessibility concern”, then how does that warrant a massive nerf? If it was an accessibility concern, they should have provided some kind of compensation. If they felt Ele was overperforming and needed a nerf, they should have said that. That would have been clear. That the entire Ele community feels it was poorly communicated and would like further feedback speaks to the fact that they have not made their stance clear.


because the nerf is a byproduct of how they chose to handle it; im not taking a stance on it, and honestly i agree that its pretty bull, but i dont know what they could post that would improve morale in that regard - they already said what they had to say about it, and now we either wait and ask for compensation or a revert

I think the frustration stems from the fact that we have a ~600 post thread going here with a ton of Ele shamans asking for feedback, and have been met by deafening silence, whereas a guy posted about a bug here and got a near immediate blue response & fix. It shows that they are seeing our post and just ignoring us, and it does not feel good. If it was an intended nerf they need to just tell us that; if it wasn’t, they need to say they’re considering further changes etc.


i get that, my point is that they had something clear to say about this

asking for a response for the sake of a response is akin to asking for platitudes

I’m reading it as either they don’t plan to change it and want it to blow over or they are still debating what to do about it and haven’t decided hence can’t post about it. Either way it feels bad. This is something that should be rectified quickly, if they really felt a need to nerf post tier set ele they should have waited until we would reasonably have a tier set.

Despite that I am happy they responded quick and favorably with this thread, it means they ARE reading these forums at least.

Thank god their reverting it, it felt so bad when your in high gear mode, and you suddenly have 7 MW charges, elemental blast is about to get off cd, stormbringer procs, during hot hands proc, and realizing you need to reapply flame shock but do you cap on MW, sit on stormbringer proc, or let hot hands run out, or reapply elemental blast…

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600 posts says they didn’t say something clear. 12-14% single target is probably the biggest effective nerf that’s hit a spec in all of Shadowlands, and they didn’t even call it a nerf. That does not make sense. We are not asking for a response for the sake of a response, we are asking for a response because we don’t understand their intent.


i wasnt being clear enough, by “this” i meant flame shock’s spreading issues

though their stance on the ele change was pretty clear, too - whether it deserved to be called a nerf or not isnt really an issue, and from what i can tell we’re asking for a response because we don’t like the change, straight up

Update on this? Still waiting on the unnecessary QoL removal to be reimplemented.

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Hello again,

Just wanted to drop a note in here that the hotfixes for today included the adjustments to Lava Lash and Flame Shock.

They can be read here:


Thanks, while you’re at it can you wake up the ele sham person pls? we’re sorry to bother their hibernation, we’ve tried but the light breeze from our new SE is not enough.


I agree that they have been perfectly clear, whether people agree or not, that they felt the build created an accessibility concern and as such removed the ability of players to play that way.

However, they have absolutely not been clear if the overall loss of damage potential for the spec was intentional or not. The reason why many in the community want an answer is because we are stuck in limbo, and especially with the time investment required to get full tier, limbo is an awful place to be as a player. If they at least say “yes”, “no”, or “we are looking at it” then as players we can make an informed decision on whether to continue playing ele or switch to a different spec or class. If it were a minor change, this would not be as big of an issue, but according to the simulations we have available now, it is a 10% loss in single target dps - which is significant.

Right now, especially those people competing for mythic raid spots, are having to guess what the developers are thinking. People are also right that if the developers come out and say that they are happy with the current damage, they might take some flack from the community. However, by saying nothing they are doubling the pain: they will still take flack for whatever decision they make; but now, since we are left without any insight those players who guess incorrectly about whether to stay ele or swap will be harmed a second time. That doesn’t even include how awful it feels to be stuck in limbo at this point in the raid tier.

The decision is what it is. Some people may like it, some people won’t. However, by not communicating their intentions regarding damage potential the developers are compounding the problem and burning significant good will with the community.


i dont see a ton of value in them saying it was or wasn’t intentional, since the result is the same either way

if anything id prefer they wait until they have some form of compensation and say what it is theyre planning, and im sure they know theyre stepping on eggshells to even address it without having a plan first