Fixing wpvp

Ok, so here is how I would fix wpvp.

  1. No more death timer if you are killed in pvp.

  2. After rezzing, if you get to your body, you can fly away from your body to rez elsewhere. This prevents griefing and camping.

  3. All humanoid tracking objects, consumables, and abilities now give player tracking. It only tracks other players.

  4. After killing a player enemy, all players have a passive ability that automatically drops combat. Just like feign death or vanish.

  5. If you rez at a spirit healer from pvp, you do not suffer durability loss or rez sickness.

  6. Town guards now properly obey vanish and feign death, as well as all forms of cc.

  7. Town guards outside of capital cities now will intervene on players with low health. They will use hand of protection on the player who is below 30% health, banish the attacking player, disarm + silence the attacking player, or use abilities that supress the attacking player’s abilities, or drain their resources. They will NOT kill players. If guards are damaged below 50%, then they will use offensive damaging abilities.

I’d simply take out any and all warmode bonuses. Bam, WPvP fixed.


None of this fixes wpvp. Community used to make wpvp a lot of fun. This game hasn’t had community in about 10 years. Therefor all fun wpvp Hasn’t really been here for 10 years. I still remember my old nemesis from BC-Wrath. He was a ret pally with shadowmourne. He beat me up a lot. Oh also the deletion of pvp servers was dumb.