[FIXED] MoP Ensemble armor type: "Sun Pearl Clothing"


NPC: Larah Treebender

The ensemble cannot be consumed, if you have all the whites already collected (which are armor-specific), which gatekeeps one from getting the Cosmetic-variants from the Remix Vendor.


I am also seeing this bug. I have a remix druid and was able to buy the yellow sun pearl ensemble, but not the red or green.


I’m currently experiencing this as well. Tried to buy the Red version of the set on one of my timerunner alts and when I used the item nothing happened, none of the usual popups in chat letting me know items have been added to my collection. I was able to buy the Yellow set fine on another alt but when I hover over the Red set item in the NPC it says I already have claimed it, despite not having it in collections.

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Bug still hasn’t been fixed.

I bought them, used them, but because my main has some of the white ones collected, it wont let me use them on my retail characters. It’s only showing in appearances for my timerunner.

I’m having this problem, too.
I bought the green, red, and yellow variants, but only yellow was added to my appearance collection.

I made a post about this in the MoP: Remix forums! Having this same exact issue.

These new ensembles are classified as cosmetic items and are not restricted to an armor type (cloth, leather, mail, plate).

The issue is: these shared appearances from the white armor unlocked by playing the original Pandaren race starting zone, are not allowing us to learn these new ensemble cosmetic sets. I was able to learn only a couple of these new ensembles and realized that they are unrestricted to armor type and can be used regardless of character class.

The ensembles that I cannot learn say “Already Known” in red on the ensemble icon. I buy the ensemble and click it— nothing happens. So all I can do is refund for the bronze back to the vendor.

Really hoping they address this soon in some patch notes somewhere.


Yep, that’s exactly it. Annoyingly for me I unlocked one of the plate sets about a month ago which has stopped me from being able to use the ensemble and have that same plate set on all my characters.

I’ve bought the two I need and I’m hoping Blizz will fix it so I can actually use them.

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Another push to the top. They haven’t fixed it with the recent changes.


posted about this and many other ensembles Like LFR Sha-Skin Regalia multiple times. Feel like people care more about frog farmers getting punished and nerfed, over what theyre supposedly doing this event for. Collecting. And MULTIPLE ensembles are bugged.

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still bugged as of today. And multiple sets


Still broken! Exact same thing happened with me.

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I already own Korkron Dark Shaman ensemble that is restricted to Shaman-only. This means I cannot buy the version on Remix that is armor-type wide and unrestricted to class.


sha-skin regalia still bugged. But theres a new bronze farm, so obviously the team will focus on nerfing that instead of fixing ensembles.

Unfortunately so true.

actually called it, new farm nerfed before this bug fixxed, blizzard pls…

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Perhaps slightly different issue with the same items. I purchased all three variations on my monk, used all three items but only the yellow version was added to my collection. The red and green were consumed, I can no longer buy them, but they’re not part of my collection.

Edit: Relogging fixed my issue, though was different from what’s being described above.

To give an update on my own experience with the bug, the red Sun Pearl items do appear to be in my collection but only for a few of my Timerunner alts, though not on the alt I originally bought the set on. It’s very strange. I submitted a ticket a few days ago to report the issue and the GM didn’t have any answers for me for why it was happening, but did mention it was something they were investigating.

I haven’t checked if the set is available on any of my Retail characters yet.

Same, can’t learn two of the plate sets.

back to the top.

It would be appreciated if Blizzard could leave a short answer to these replies with the bugged acquisition sets.

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