FIXED = Can't transfer due to mail, and its empty

Empty all mail from all my toons on that server and I can transfer now!!!

Are all the messages in the mailbox deleted?

If any of the messages items were sent in are still there or if there’s something being delivered it will prevent a transfer from happening.

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Yep nothing, not a thing, nothing grey, not a darn cobweb in that sucker

Why you xfering anyways bud?

Then you might need to open a ticket. They might be able to see if there’s something on it’s way.

1 Day 2 Hours… are you kidding me…

Mail from items you haven’t looted can be delayed by an hour or 2 sometimes, I’d wait a bit and see if some pops up.

That’s just an estimate. A lot of the time I get help from blizz very shortly after a ticket is put in. Depending on the issue and how well the situation is explained

Haven’t been on toon in days, so that’s not it

Are you trying to transfer from in game or in browser? If you’re doing it in browser you can try clearing your cache, closing the browser then trying again. Alternatively trying a different browser.

If that doesn’t work you’ll have to get a GM’s help, either with an in game ticket or technical support forum.

You can only do a In-game transfer now

h ttps://i.imgur. com/TiywHUm.jpg

Oh yaaaaa 1 day 5 hours…

Unfortunate, I’d go make a thread over in technical support if you haven’t already, you might get a quicker response there.

Oh and one last thing you can try, disable your addons, or whatever addons modify your mailbox UI and then mail yourself an heirloom from another toon just to check the mail is working properly, if you get the heirloom and don’t see any other mail and still can’t transfer (after deleting the heirloom mail) it’s definitely bugged.

edit: Cant faction change/server transfer - #3

Some other people having the same issue.

Does sending mail to alts, that hasn’t been collected on the alt & could potentially be returned, matter?

This has been a bug (or intentional) for a long time.

I have a F2P toon I screw around on when not subbed but noticed many times that I can’t delete any characters, even freshly made ones, because it says I have mail or AH items. Both of which can’t possibly be true because there is no event and I had just made them. So when I am subbed I check the mail of these characters and there is nothing, absolutely nothing.

I made the mistake of making a Pandaren while F2P and got the same message. Well, when I subbed I found out Pandarean don’t have mailboxes and hated the Pandaren so had to contact support and they made it so I could delete the toon.

It is really annoying and one I notice a lot when screwing around in F2P.

No clue why this is marked as fixed. Definitely still not working for me.