Fix your servers ffs

Lose buffs from dispells because I can’t log out cause of server lag in a inn… cute blizzard real cute didn’t know batching also counted toward logging out.

Spell batching is maybe one of the only things the majority of players here can agree is complete garbage.


… is not what this thread is about.

So… Don’t log out in an inn?

Wait…how did this even occur? Who was dispelling you in a friendly inn? O.o


You could have just hit alt f4 zug brain.


alt f4 doesnt auto log you, it was in kargath cause whitemane is rough during peak times.

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ayo hoooold up. Didn’t OP say batching?

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Maybe get off Whitemane?

Why would I leave whitemane? Been here since day 1, blizz needs to not let people transfer to a full server.

I’m not supporting the OP here (pvp happened on a pvp server), but alt f4 does not log you out it just makes windows force close WoW. As far as the server goes it still thinks you are trying to play.

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Not sure whats wrong with supporting a lag free environment but okay.

I’m pretty sure that was a joke.

That or the OP actually thinks batching affects logging in or out, which is… something.

tis was a joke, unless… nah … UNLESS!!! nah… they wouldn’t.

Yes it was a joke regardless fix the damn servers I got buffs dispelled due to not being able to log out cause of lag.

edit: I wasn’t even in a main city where lag is usually the product of 100-200+ people in a small zone.

I definitely agree with locking transfers do full servers. And as abysmal as Blizzard handled that particular aspect of transfers; the rest is on the players.