Fix wild growth bug ffs

Wild growth is currently completely buged. When cast when pet are present in the group/raid it stop it from spreading to the correct amount of targets. The worst of it all is if by some magic (happen quite often) the primary target is a pet all of the subsequent wild growth do not spread to players.

To make it short as soon as wg touch a pet it stop spreading and it target pets in priority.

If it is not fixed before raids release it will literally kill resto druid as in raids wild growth is extremely important…

Off topic: i have also seen a similar bug with mark. Sometimes it stop from spreading to the appropriate amount of targets if it hit a pet.
No idea how it even posible…it suposed to be all targets…


Yeah I thought I was going crazy there for a while. I can drop it on a tightly stacked group of melee and 0 of them will end up with wild growth. Its completely bugged and I never know whether or not its going to actually heal the players in my raid or if I am just sending mana off into the wind.

2 months of posting and adding in game bug reports and now on the regular bug forum and nothing…No acknowledgement of the issue nor a fix…

BUMPING yet again as this is still broken

try reporting it as a money issue and you’ll get a response in minutes.

According to posts from original Wrath, Wild Growth unfortunately targets all players and/or pets. While this is very annoying, it’s the case.

its not a problem fr it to target pets. no one is complaining that it is. It is prioritizing pets and things like treants, blood worms and army of the dead INSTEAD of an actual player that needs healing, including whoever we cast it on

On top of this, I’m noticing, when trying to pre-hot when targets are at 100% HP, WG does nothing and expends the CD. Not ONE target gets WG, INCUDING the target it was cast on. The fact that I cast WG at a target, means I want me WG to not only hit THAT target but targets also NEAR that target, and it also doesn’t do that either. I’m at a loss and have no clue what I’m looking at in regards to how this spell is currently functioning.

Maybe my memory isn’t good enough to remember 12-13 years ago perfectly, but I do not remember my MAIN having these issues healing with a signature spell, let alone top heals on every fight, throughout the expansion.

I have noticed this too but dont recall how it was in OG Wotlk. I do however remember it wasnt doing what its doing now with pets, worms, etc.

taps foot Blizzard?

I have had to totally rearrange my playstyle to make wild growth viable. It is really only worth casting on stacked range dps before or after mage clones are down. Otherwise 75% of it goes on the pets/deamons or even worse trents/ fire elementals and mage clones.

Part of the problem right now is that 1 Naxx is easy, and many top guilds that have players who would notice this kind of thing rolling as boomies until Ulduar comes out because you really don’t need 5 healers in Naxx and boomkins do the best DPS out of the healer off specs.

I’ve noticed this as well, but have you noticed when using WG to pre-hot tanks, who are NOT in range of those with pets, mostly because combat hasn’t started yet, or is about to, that the WG cooldown is used, and exactly zero people at full HP, INCLUDING the target it was cast upon, have received the hot? See this is my biggest gripe. If it was prioritizing pets when cast on a target near pets, it would be one thing, because I cast it at a tank or whoever to pre-hot them, but it does nothing.

yes I have had that happen…its beyond irritating

bumping for blizz to hopefully look at it. Its in bug report, in PTR bug report, in game bug reports…yet NOT a single acknowledgement from Blizz…

Needs a solution bliz

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It’s prioritizing targets based on total health remaining relative to the group.

Ie. 5 pets at 15k/15kHP + 2 players at 18k/22k HP it will heal all 5 pets at full health first.

In addition to the permanent pet behavior, it’s also healing temporary guardians whether or not there are other targets to be healed.

There is an occasional bug where Wild Growth does not even heal the correct unit count. Ie. Drop it on a group of 5 players and it only heals 1.

Whole ability needs to be looked at. It’s current behavior is not what existed in OG Wrath.

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Looks like they’re nerfing indestructible potions though.

At least they’re prioritizing game breaking bugs.

I’m bout to lose my Val’anyr prio over this crap.

Bliz has really never cared to fix druids much when theres literally any other class who is broken good or broken bad…

Blizzard, this can’t wait. Stop nerfing things that don’t matter.