Fix unrated pvp

I agree. The upgrade system in pvp should be scrapped or at the least the costs reduced by 500%.

No, you are doing it again… bro casual is not a negative word…. The largest portion of the gaming player base does not play the rated content of games for whatever reason they choose to play aka casual…

Accessibility to play unrated content is wows issue… primarily unranked pvp where you should not be required to have rated gear to be relevant in non ranked pvp.

You shouldn’t need to grind out system on top of system to be relevant in mythic plus or raiding until you get to mythic or the hardest content available…


No I’m not. You’re the one using casual to defend people not putting effort into the game.

Casual is nothing but a metric of time.

It’s extremely accessible. Most people just refuse to put any level of effort into it.

You don’t. I pushed 1600 in threes last week without even using a leggo.

This is a bad player problem, and not one Blizzard should take into consideration at all when balancing PvP or gearing.

I would love to have more PVP options.

Random with templates Or
Random with a cap at honor gear level.

Then also Random with gear.
Rated with gear.

Cap level gear or templates need to be brought back. It should be something you can queue for, in fact you can queue for both types at once if you want.

I ran a few BGs in 50 to 59 with alts, and those were actually fun. The gear discrepancy really needs to go.


This is the link to their response

In short:

We believe that the current arrangement – using PvP item level – has reduced the power gaps between players to reasonable amounts that make for fulfilling games where your team usually has a good chance to defeat your opponents in Arenas and Battlegrounds. You can get started quickly, and perform adequately, with Honor gear but still experience noticeable power increases as you acquire and upgrade your Conquest gear.

So they think they got it setup just right. They also say something about not wanting to change things this far along in the season.

I think really the thing to watch is what they do next patch. Everything you’ve said in this post they have heard 10 million times over. If they continue on with the power gap next patch, we will have a good idea of what to expect. Blizz will pretty much be saying “Take it or leave it” at that point.

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Effort… lmfao on that one…

Let’s see, story progression, covenant progression just to level unrated gear which the cost is abysmal amount of currency to max out, torgrast grinding and memory farming to get a Lego, conduits to farm… oops I want to try another class, let me do that all over again…

Nothing about this is accessible to players that are joining the game or are trying to get an alt going…

Who are you to say what effort is… you have to understand that not everyone wants to do rated stuff and not choosing to do it does mot mean they are bad at the game or are putting in low effort…

Wow needs more content that people can just pick up and play and be on an even playing field…

No one is saying to remove any content, but to add upon it.

It doesn’t need a progression path, just an outlet to you know… game


You’re completely missing the point.

Yeah if people want to they can grind out honor gear and then conquest and then start doing rated arenas, nobody disagrees with that. The problem is that the current grind is awful. You’re literally getting 1-2 shot all game and likely losing most of your BG’s in order for you to complete “the grind.”

It’s not fun for players to get to the point where they can actually compete. This applies especially to new pvpers and new players in general.

Yes gear should matter but not to the extent that it currently does.


I have discovered the secret to unrated BGs. Sense I discovered Rated BGs I don’t play unrated at all anymore. I used to fear RBGs thinking I wouldn’t find a group or I would lose all the time but once I tried them I knew there was never a need to go back. In RBGs your going to earn conquest and honor anyway so why bother with unrated BGs?

Ya you are gonna lose sometimes so just get used to that, I’m on alliance so quite often the horde will show up with a superman team and so we lose, I call them Chuck Norris and the Avengers when that happens. Look for groups that say YOLO (You Only Live Once) and 0CR (who cares what your rank is) but if I cant find a group I use a little humor and start my own called “Do U Suck? Come Join!” and in the text box I put “We might win! Horde may all DC at once or trip over my corpse!” and it never fails to fill up because there’s no pressure, and I invite anyone as long as we have tank, 3 heals and 6dps and we lose often, but sometimes its the horde team that sucks and we win.

Ticks me off when we win and people leave, I NEVER do that because sometimes we get on a roll and win 6 games in a row and those people who left after first win missed out. Sometimes you get lucky and end up on a carry team. If you are in a losing match and someone says “next game” then cancel your appointments and stick around, you are prolly on a carry team and they lose too sometimes.

And pick 1 toon and make that your main pvp toon and learn that one the best you can, imagine trying to become a great lawyer, contractor, chef, surgeon, and orthodontist all at once and working on those every day, screw that, I am resto druid in RBGs and that’s all. Makes life so much easier.

edit: lol… if u look at my profile, please ignore the fact that I am wearing boralus teleport ring… I’m surprised I’m not wearing SW teleport cloak as well.


sorry but thats just not truth at all lol.

The difference in quality in pvp gear is laughable. I quit late in 9.0, but I got a 226 conquest weapon in the weekly chest only a couple weeks into the season. Then getting a 226 piece of gear each week along with buying a 226 piece with conquest, resulted in me absolutely destroying BGs. It was honestly laughable how much I outgeared people, most of whom were still in the 170-180 range back then.

I mean I understand why people like this gameplay. I’ve been on both sides of it, and apart from a few laughs while on the winning side, I don’t like it at all. I truly believe gear should be completely equalized in PvP content.


Don’t need story progression unless it’s a first character.

You start at 40.

I farmed my entire honor set without a leggo last week.

So explain my Druid then.

New players I would agree with you. Alts I disagree as my Druid is a perfect example.

This is a gear based mmo. If someone doesn’t want to do rated stuff that’s fine. But you don’t get cry about a gear disadvantage and punish players that play the entire game because you chose not too.

That’s funny. I log in and do just that. Even FPS games have advantages to people who have been playing longer.

This genre isn’t for you then.

This doesn’t really fix the problem because honor gear is actually trash, even fully upgraded. You’ll still get dumpstered easily. That’s how bad the ilvl gaps between gear has gotten.


I didn’t miss it. I just don’t find it valid.

The person I just responded too does.

It’s much faster than it used to be. Also anyone who is grinding a new char should go spend some gold on the 200 ilvl blues.

Everyone is getting 1-2 shot it’s how the current meta is designed.

Would you say a 207 ilvl Druid is undergeared in the current length of season?

Tbh most issues are player issues not gear issues. I had 1800 fully geared ret/war teams unable to kill my 41k health Druid.

It’s not as bad as you’re pretending it is.

You do realize that with this fast paced meta geared players get dumpstered right?

People need a place to learn and develop PVP skills. People in RBGs are not going to tolerate learning a spec. I just started learning Restro Druid on one of my Alts the other day. I couldn’t believe how entitled and awful people are. Yeah, I was way under geared and I didn’t how it worked right away. So, I wasn’t very effective… But, the crap I got there would be nothing like how some idiots would act in RBGs.

Any way, to my point, The huge gear gap in unrated BGs destroys the learning grounds. Example: You can’t heal that which gets vaporized in a nanosecond. The BGs and Skirmishes serve that purpose. 1. They are fun to play. 2. That is where you go to learn your spec, practice, or to warm up for PVP.

Instead of recognizing the primary purpose that BGs serve, Blizz is incentiving Premades to ROFL stomp alts and new players for honor. They say they aren’t going to make the honor grind as much. But, that does nothing really and will basically mean their initial power gap adjustment will be undone by making honor a little more accessible.


God forbid people play with friends in an MMO.

I just get used to being ROFL stomped I guess. Since I finally got to 1600 I got stomped back down and haven’t been able to get back to it again, regular BGs are handy for when you get to a gear upgrade rank and then dont want to risk getting lower, don’t make same mistake I did at 1400 and buy one piece of gear and keep playing RBGs. I thought once you get a rank you can always upgrade gear from that rank, nope.

You have a 30 cr gap on the bottom of the upgrade rank. Plus you have to win a game at that rating the week you want tonupgrade.

Sorry OP, the only pvp dev is a intern in high school. He only works on pvp during the summer but even when they have him in the office, they have him do mundane things like rate xmogs of the staff. Best of luck getting pvp fixed though, im cheering for you.