Fix these dismount issues [Day 1]

I’ve made plenty of these posts in the past but many of them went unaddressed. Most of these are bugs that have yet to be fixed while some are just suggestions. With Dragonriding available in old world now, I felt it best to consolidate all of the problems in one thread.

Let’s start with dragon riding specifically:

  1. Qalashi Wingshredder is a buggy mess of an item that fails it’s cast 90% of the time.

I don’t know what it is with this item, but trying to cast it on a dragonriding mount or a flying mount will 90% of the time result in a failed cast error, something along the lines of “Invalid Target” or “Target not in line of sight” even though the target is line of sight. The only way you can really get this cast off is if you’re right next to them or within 40 yards, even though the range on the Qalashi Wingshredder is 300 yards. This item is also restricted to the Dragon Isles which, before old world dragonriding, made sense. This item needs to be updated to be usable everywhere AND fix the bugs plaguing this item.

  1. Whirling Surge ability (and Airborne Tumbling dragon riding talent) does not evade Wingshredders and doesn’t dismount those on normal flying mounts.

Again, had made a post about this specifically in the past but it’s been buried or ignored. The wingshredder bit hardly matters because it’s difficult to get a wingshredder off in the first place, but even so, doesn’t work. The biggest problem here is the fact we can’t whirling surge someone off their normal flying mount. If someone is on a regular flying mount in the air we can’t tumble them off as we could a dragon riding mount.

  1. [Suggestion] Whirling Surge dismount needs to put the target in combat or prevent the person from mounting for 3-5 seconds.

Whenever you whirling surge dismount someone, if they’re low to the ground especially, they can just mount up again since it doesn’t put them in combat. Every dismount, including Net-o-Matic and Qalashi Wingshredder, puts the target in combat. I don’t see why this one is any different. If probem 2 is fixed, then theoretically anyone with an instant mount (looking at you monks and druids…) could just mount up instantly after a whirling surge.

  1. Speaking of druids, they are effectively immune to dismount effects.

Combined with all of the above, druids in Flight Form are immune to all forms of dismount. This bug has been reported by myself and several others and hasn’t been addressed at all. Normally, a druid in the air can be targeted by dismount items such as Net-o-Matic 5000 and Qalashi Wingshredder. You can start the cast on these items to dismount the druid, but if the druid in flight form touches the ground at all while you’re casting, the cast will fail. Even if you manage to get the cast off, the dismount has travel time, and if they touch the ground before it hits them, it’ll just not work at all on them. As stated in #2, we also cant whirling surge regular flying mounts which also apply to druids.

This is an issue that has existed since Legion whenever Blizzard consolidated Flight Form, Aquatic Form, and Travel Form into one spell. The game wants to recognize a druid on the ground as a regular ground mount, even if they’re in Flight Form, because the spell is dynamic and changes based off of what you’re doing. In combat? Cheetah/Stag form when using Travel Form. Touch the water while in Flight Form? Automatically assume Aquatic Form, etc.

Can we please get these bugs fixed already. I’m about to start a series on this until fixed because it’s been a long time coming.