Fix the mail!

Gosh how long is this going to take to fix? Twice in the last couple of weeks I see the mail icon, go to the mailbox and there’s nothing showing, though the mouse-over the mail icon said there was something from the Auction House. Then… the mail icon vanishes after a few seconds. Come on guys!

No mail problems are currently being discussed/on the bug radar. Sounds like something is a few pages down or you have an addon blocking the displaying of the mail.

Recommendation: Install Postal, click open all mail, and you should be good.

I have Postal. This has nothing to do with this issue the OP is discussing.

When you are on the Character Select screen, it will, randomly, tell you a character has mail. When you log in to find out what it is, it is, oftentimes, the mail you looked at, say, 15 minutes ago and cleared the mail icon once before.

This is most prevalent with the Auction House mail. I’ve had the same character get a mail icon on the CS screen several times in a row for the same mail.

This happens with or without addons, BTW. I’ve tried it both ways and it still happens.

May not be discussed at the moment but a couple of months ago it was an official issue. The official recommendation then was something like “wait a few minutes and the mail will show”.
Now, the issue I’m talking is a bit different. This time, you have a mail notification (including from the character selection screen) but when you log on and open the mailbox, there’s nothing there (the same bug as before) but now the envelope icon vanishes, from both the minimap and from the character login screen. If there was any mail, most likely from the auction house, it’s gone now with whatever content there was (money, expired items, etc).
Edit 1: I left something. The icon vanishes -from the minimap- when you close the mailbox window, as if you had opened the mail itself and grabbed the contents. But then nothing shows in there after.
Edit 2: Mail icon still vanishes if you leave the mailbox window open without doing anything. So the “wait till mail shows” doesn’t seem to help now. BTW, had this issue 3 times in the last 24 hours. Only with the characters I use for selling/buying in the Auction House.

That is why I used the word “currently.” That previous issue was marked resolved. I can’t seem to recreate this issue on my own.

I don’t think you can recreate it on purpose. This is a random event and probably not on the user’s end. Can’t tie it to an addon because I’ve used the same ones forever and had months without the issue. But for what I’m seeing, it seems related to database hardware/software issues. This could include DB’s performance on any of those levels. That could explain why it’s happening in some realms and not in anothers.

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