Fix Skyfury today!

2000 log just to follow him around and spam hi youtube or bald
and 2000 log on the opposite faction to grief him as much as they can

guy is a walking server killer


you did not read
you just clicked accept

Yea, you are.correct

Asmon alone adds probably 250-500 people to the server at any time. It’s absolutely insane the following he has. If that value was known and it was 4000 I wouldn’t be shocked haha.

Once he quits the server will be totally fine. Fingers crossed for sure.

They shouldnt have made a new pvp server on each coast, because they would be merging them right after wrath launch.

Suck it up buttercup, I play on the same server. Learn what remote desktop is and use it.

While I can understand the frustration that some people have when it comes to dealing with the queues:

I personally do not agree with this.

I know that dealing with queues sucks for people who don’t see the value in the trade-off of being on a fresh start realm with no transfers, but that there were only 2 fresh start realms; 1 PVP and 1 Normal, and that transfers were not going to be considered for at least 90 days, and then possibly never even implemented was a huge selling point for me personally. And, I’d much rather us just deal with the queue times ourselves than have our fresh start realm suddenly subjected to transfers and the deleterious effects that can have, as we’ve seen since WoW Classic.

I just wanted to voice that I hope we do not get transfers as I do not see them as a positive for server or game health. However, I appreciate that you may have a different opinion and are voicing that. And yeah, queue times suck, and while I’m able to deal with them (I did hit 3+ hour queues most days this week), I understand that some people are feeling fed up with them.

I think advertising this would encourage Blizz to find the “constant login/logout” characters and take action. careful lol

Dude… everyone knows about remote desktop at this day and age, stop trying to feel like you are superior because you know about a two-decade-old technology. That’s not the point at all.

…and besides, if everyone start using remote desktop, queues would be virtually infinite, what about that!?

I haven’t sat a que yet so, don’t know what to tell ya lol

I didn’t sat at a que either, what’s your point?

What’s your point about ques being a problem then if you haven’t had to sit in one? Obviously they’re not a problem.

Not for me, but it is for a lot of people, sigh… is it that hard to think about anything or anyone else than yourself?

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I mean if being selfish means I don’t have to sit in a 4 hours que. Then selfish I will be, cya in game. =D

Once wotlk launches it should fix itself.

All the tourists will go back to their actual servers.

Skyfury is fine, don’t ruin this server with having blizzard open up xfers. Deal with the queues for now, they will be gone within a months time.

Closing them kinda caused the issues.

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