Fix Premades

you’re entitled to your opinion. I am here to let blizzard know how i feel about the premade caps

Insanely prevalent or unpopular, pick one.

Both of these things were actually VERY bad for the health of the game, both in Vanilla > TBC and Classic > TBCC. The downsizing both creates cliques and harms long-time guilds. The 10 man and then moving to 25 man makes it even worse. Although the 20/25 man raids are fine for WoW IMO vs 40 mans and it’s a good change overall the raid size change wasn’t healthy for the game communities. I don’t talk about that here because this part was authentic to TBC. I did talk about it on the Classic forums.

It would be nice if people could respond instead of something like “You only want to stomp pugs” they could be like “Yeah let’s support a premade queue, or queue matching” because most people seem to be on the same page with this but people get so butthurt that they were camped at a graveyard for honor that they aren’t respectable to other players, even though they’ve probably done the camping plenty of times themselves.

It would also be nice if people realized that premades were part of WoW from Vanilla to TBC and in Classic, so they can stop saying stuff about Retail when removing them is a change from the authentic game.

Thank you, as are you.

You did in your post. again, thank you for your feedback.

but you are derailing your post and attacking others that do not have the same opinion as you. which is tainting your cause.

A Blue post already stated why they moved the cap to 5. might i suggest you re-read it?

I literally just farmed you in warsong hahahah

I knew a salty post was going to be made when you still got mowed down queing with three disc priests. ez marks ez kills later boomer

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Are you serious? I can’t take you seriously if you can’t understand what I’m saying here.

They are incredibly unpopular, in the sense that people hate premades and queuing into them almost every single match

They are super prevalent because they are efficient.

There is no way you can’t understand this, I know we have a difference of opinion, but you’re not dumb.

Something can be commonplace, but widely hated by the community.

Blizzard asked us for our feedback. So i dont really get your point here? Also I have not attacked anyone for disagreeing with me we are having a discussion here which is the purpose of the forums. If you do not like what is being said here don’t read it.


Premades are how I got to know my guild. Raiding was serious time and the premades were just to F around and have a good time. We didn’t take them seriously and lost quite a bit, but it was fun and that’s why we did it.

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lol you farmed a lvl 35? nice!

You honestly seem to think that your opinion is the only correct one on almost everything you say. I’m not the first one to say it.

Yes pugs hate queuing into premades. Of course they do. If you always surround yourself with pugs then yes it’s going to seem like everyone hates premades. I’ve played in a lot of pugs, I’ve played in a lot of premades. I’ve even played both factions with both. I try to see all sides.

This is an MMO and some people like to play with others who aren’t strangers and believe it or not a lot of the people who enjoy playing with premades for social reasons don’t post on the forums, I’m the only one I know who does outside of others who I only know from the forums, and I know a lot of people.

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You guys are really good at ignoring the actual content of what I say, and just talking in circles.

If you don’t think premades are unpopular to the average WoW player, you are honestly super naive.

There are countless posts of people that talk about premades getting out of hand, and blizzard has the data on this kind of stuff, and sides with my viewpoint that is shared with countless others so /shrug


For sure, people who get butthurt about getting stomped by premades come to the forums in anger because they do not like getting stomped. This was a thing on these forums for a long time with nothing changing.

Meanwhile the people in the premades mostly do not make forum posts. There are some people doing it now yes, and almost all of them are saying they are fine with premade vs premade or queue matching or whatever, they only want to be able to play with their friends.

There was one thread where someone was saying they DID want to keep stomping pugs and that I disagreed with so I don’t even think I posted in it.

I said in my very first post on this thread, as well as many other threads, that premade vs premade is 100% fine.

you say you’re okay with premade vs premade but you also sit there and say that’s basically impossible to have enough friends in game to be able to fill a premade and its just all lfg/trade chat looking to pug stomp. Maybe we just want to be able to play with the same group in game friends we’ve been playing along side with for 2 years and counting. Instead of being so negative about premades try and help us get premade vs premade into the game so we can both be happy.

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just do what the alliance do. hop in a discord, queue in separate groups and wait for a simultaneous queue pop. ally suck horribly at pvp pugging using chat like we do. without perfectly aligned comps with voice communication they’re practically useless. so it’s not too hard to circumvent.

the point isnt to bypass it for an easy win. i wanna be able to queue with people i actually want to play with

Telling a friend that likes to always have an advantage in a game that they shouldn’t is like telling the gov to stop taxes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with you though, your sentiment. These players need to learn to appreciate actual challenges. Not this Premade stomping pug shiza.

I’d be interested to see if you and your ‘friends’ all enjoy vs only premades.

like ive said multiple times we’re okay with premade vs premade so not sure what your point is

perhaps you don’t mind. This may be the only exception I have ever witnessed that could be legit, throughout playing wow, the vast majority of premaders, explicitly try (in various ways) to be matched vs a pug.
Honor per hour, all that wonderfully min maxing jazz that makes a game a job.
Players that have no skill whatsover, and need the advantage over another team that doesn’t etc.
Some of the best players have gained glad in retail with what they call Soloqueue .
The reason for the name is related to the idiots that NEED to premade/boost/be carried. It’s the exact opposite.
It’s in fact the pinnacle of skill.
To not be in a group that is organised and achieve a high/reputable status.
Something I’m sure a lot of the premaders will never enjoy.
Each to their own

I am having a lot more fun in bgs since they capped it at 5. It is much better and even playing field.