Fix or Remove Spell Batching. Period

That true. It’s also possible that the high priority loops are the very special interrupt code that Kevin is talking about - he wouldn’t the technical term for it because he isn’t in the programming department.


Wait a minute so now you’re saying that vanilla didn’t have a priority list. What argument are you attempting to make here now? You are asking for certain spells to not be batched but then you are now saying there shouldn’t be a priority list.

WTF is going on in your head child.

You are so wrong. I played 450 days on a warlock in vanilla. I think I remember how it worked.


Yeah going to go ahead and say no you don’t. Unless theres some video evidence you got then your word means nothing. They know spell batching was on a 200ms tick. They set it up to emulate a 200ms tick. Not really much to think about.

The emulation is not accurate.


prove it…

The hundreds of bug reports related to it might be a hint. Keep your head in the sand, though.


Oh yeah you mean like the bug reports from half the people on here who think 90% of the pet bugs are because of spell batching? Almost everyone on here complaining about spell batching doesn’t even know what it is, if you are upset by it that’s fine but it seems like people don’t understand how it works.

Oh and kinda like those bug reports where everyone said summoning warlocks pets was bugged when it just so happened everyone forgot how it worked? Or how about people complaining about mobs being too hard/easy and they were all proven wrong as well.

Yeah let’s just go off of random people saying ‘I don’t remember this’ as gospel see how far that will get you LOL

Thousands of hours in vanilla and never experienced some of the weird issues I’m seeing in classic. If it feels the same to you, maybe you’re just not very observant.

Thanks for the wall of useless text to bump the issue, though.


So tell me exactly what you don’t remember about spell batching. I would like to hear this because I’m guessing you don’t know what it is either.

I gave one example above. Succubus attacking from invisible state causes mobs to evade as they don’t register in time that she’s not invisible anymore . This never happened in the old client.


Ok first of all that’s a HILARIOUS statement to make lol. This game I played almost 13 years ago this one thing NEVER happened. No one is taking this statement seriously.

You ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe this is a basic glitch that has nothing to do with spell batching? That never once crossed your mind? Seeing as how evade bugs are ALL over the place atm (just like they were in vanilla lol)

Something definitely feels off with how this is tuned. As a warrior, I get attacked from Charge/Intercept while the mob is supposedly charge stunned. You can see the daze animation over its head but it still does a full on attack animation and hits me. This is even more wonky in the case of Intercept when the mob should be fleeing- it’s running away, and yet when I intercept to it to finish it off it turns and cracks me one last time?

You have to acknowledge that spell batching in Classic is the result of an existing system being tweaked to emulate a core function. Chances are it is not behaving exactly as intended, and some bugs have crept in. I guarantee the existing system was not designed to be tuned in this way because that would have been counter-intuitive.

Really, just look at all the major bugs that have been discovered and acknowledged, despite some apparent “reference client,” like instant attack modifiers, DR, +hit, item functions/procs, etc. etc. etc. etc…


Oh hey would you look at this! This bug has been happening for awhile now!

Well would you looky there, it’s just a standard evade bug that has been happening for years and years and years.

That’s pretty funny now isn’t it.

mage here… things feel great to me. Please do not change a thing!

Not the same bug at all. Keep trolling, though. It bumps the thread for visibility.


It’s literally the same exact bug you are talking about. Look at the last comment where the guy from 2017 straight up said what the bug is, and it has to do with suc invis.

Is there anything else you think is a bug that has to do with spell batching that you need proven wrong too? I certainly can help with my above 3rd grade education.

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No. The change in priority happened after vanilla. It was reverted on the modern client to the same priority list as was vanilla.

Again, insults show you are losing. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Do you even know what you just said here?

I can’t put my finger on it but abilities in general seem much more laggy that I remember.