Fix or Remove Spell Batching. Period

No. They said they moved spells from high priority to low priority - not “to make them seem like they had no priority”. That is 100% not what Blizz said.

Try again.

If you’re not going to argue in good faith, why are you here?


mobs will still to this day get a single autoattack off on rogues and druids who 1-shot them from stealth.

The thing that made you hostile towards me was an ability that killed you instantly with a single hit, and yous till autoattacked me?


Holy christ child

Do you need me to wipe your butt too?

This is what they said which means exactly what I said it means just with different words.

Read what you wrote out loud. You said it was to make it seem like they had no priority, that is the antithesis of actually having a priority - which Blizz stated they had.

Your excuse is that you used different words which mean different things but to you they mean the same thing.

And you call me a child?

Project much?

I get it, you have no argument so now you are making stuff up and throwing out personal attacks.

That doesn’t phase me.


Let me break this down for you.

Vanilla batching had no priorities. At the very least it had almost none. Right?

They said they are lowering priorities of spells to match 1.12

What do you think they basically said.

Put it together with your own thoughts.

For all the talk of special interrupt code, it directly contradicts what the Blue post said.

Kevin has mentioned that he doesn’t do code. I won’t be surprised if he had gotten that wrong. Your video also doesn’t state when the special interrupt code was added so it’s possible that Kevin is 100% correct but the interrupt code was added in BC or later then removed once they got spell batching more responsive - i.e. responsive enough to match/surpass the special interrupt code.

That’s not what they said at all. You can’t just make up what you THINK it means - what Blizz meant is what they wrote. Which is the antithesis of what you are CLAIMING they said by putting your own failed attempt to ram your own wrong point by twisting words to wiggle your way out of not reading what was linked.


The video was taken out of context I believe. Because they DID change it to the priority list eventually.

Not in Vanilla. After Vanilla, yes.

What are you talking about that’s literally what they said. They straight up said they are changing the priorities to resemble 1.12. 1.12 had no priority list. They changed it to emulate no priorities.

How are you not making that connection.

It’s garbage. Just like #NoChanges. The game will die this way.

Working as intended, even though it’s a worse system.

That true. It’s also possible that the high priority loops are the very special interrupt code that Kevin is talking about - he wouldn’t the technical term for it because he isn’t in the programming department.


Wait a minute so now you’re saying that vanilla didn’t have a priority list. What argument are you attempting to make here now? You are asking for certain spells to not be batched but then you are now saying there shouldn’t be a priority list.

WTF is going on in your head child.

You are so wrong. I played 450 days on a warlock in vanilla. I think I remember how it worked.


Yeah going to go ahead and say no you don’t. Unless theres some video evidence you got then your word means nothing. They know spell batching was on a 200ms tick. They set it up to emulate a 200ms tick. Not really much to think about.

The emulation is not accurate.


prove it…

The hundreds of bug reports related to it might be a hint. Keep your head in the sand, though.


Oh yeah you mean like the bug reports from half the people on here who think 90% of the pet bugs are because of spell batching? Almost everyone on here complaining about spell batching doesn’t even know what it is, if you are upset by it that’s fine but it seems like people don’t understand how it works.

Oh and kinda like those bug reports where everyone said summoning warlocks pets was bugged when it just so happened everyone forgot how it worked? Or how about people complaining about mobs being too hard/easy and they were all proven wrong as well.

Yeah let’s just go off of random people saying ‘I don’t remember this’ as gospel see how far that will get you LOL

Thousands of hours in vanilla and never experienced some of the weird issues I’m seeing in classic. If it feels the same to you, maybe you’re just not very observant.

Thanks for the wall of useless text to bump the issue, though.