Fix or Remove Spell Batching. Period

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Not what I said at all. Most abilities are batched but others aren’t. Blizz talked about this.

Blizz also talked about how the system isn’t the same one used in Vanilla and they are trying to make it work like Vanilla.

Try again.

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I’m not sure if the pets are supposed to lag as much as they do.

Maybe my memory is off… shrug

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It’s not, by Blizz’s own admission. I don’t recall ever tossing a silence with a delay. I don’t ever recall a pet taking a second to respond when out of combat just doing nothing.

I remember the batching system where abilities had a priority in their batch and could be executed at the same moment - what we have now works somewhat like this but this isn’t the same system and there are multiple issues with it using the modern client/server.

Entire DR tables are broken. Items in their post-vanilla state, some even past their 4.x changes, etc.

There are bugs with virtually every system so far that runs this game. Batching is no different but has a huge gameplay impact.

Not the same as Vanilla no matter how hard Blizz tries.

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Incorrect. Where are you getting this information from dude?

Yeah they said it isn’t the same because they improved it to have no batching. But they replicated it to working exactly like it did back in the day and to ‘emulate’ server ticks.

You could NOT be more wrong here dude. I don’t need to keep ‘trying again’ because I’m right. IDK even know how you could have possibly come up with this thought in your head TBH.

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For those wondering what the OP is going on about.

According to the linked post, in vanilla everything was processed in a single loop - and I read somewhere that the tick rate was every 200ms; i.e. batches were processed every 200ms.

Over expansions they improved the system with multiple loops, some that processed batches more frequently - e.g. a high priority loop processed batches as frequently as every 20ms in retail.


Then link where they stated this. Please

Nothing to do with batching whatsoever but k.

So long story short OP doesn’t know how to read.

He read that they made the priority list and the shorter loops in LATER expansions but he read that as ‘this is how it use to work’ and now he thinks it’s broken.

Hey OP, try again.

A hunter taming a new pet should not get hit by the beast they just tamed but this spell batching system allows that to happen. This system is broken. Blizzard threw this system together as fast as they could and it has glaring problems that need fixed.


This is how it’s suppose to work… people people people…

Lol, good call with that one. Sometimes Blizzard forgets that you’re in charge

  1. That has nothing to do with spell batching.
  2. That happened in vanilla.
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Lots of stupid stuff happening because of this system.

Another example, my succubus attacking from invisibility. Quite often this results in the mob taking 0 damage and evading because the succubus is still showing up to it as invisible even though she’s attacked which is supposed to un-stealth her.

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I’m wondering if that is what is causing so many pet problems I’m experiencing as a Lock. I mained a Lock in vanilla and I don’t recall my pet having a delay(sometimes several seconds) after being commanded to attack or go passive like I do in classic. It can be a pretty big problem sometimes and gets frustrating.

I’ve also been experiencing this weird bug where if I’m attacking something and then go out of combat and click on a portrait of another mob my pet will automatically go out to attack it even thought it’s set on defensive and never clicked the attack command. Even more bizarre is when I’ll tell it to attack, set it to passive to cancel, attack a different mob instead and then my pet will rotate to the mob I had initially canceled after my target dies. Pet commands have always been clunky but they have never been buggy in that way. It feels like the following bugs have been replaced with other bugs instead.


I really like iceblocking>/cancelaura iceblock and having it not wipe my debuffs…

I just can’t understand the stupidity involved in this. I would absolutely love to be in the meeting with the retard who suggested that coding 200ms of lag into the game was a good idea. The spell batching was primarily to accomodate for latency because a lot of people played on dialup/DSL then with 500ms pings. It isn’t like that anymore. There is absolutely no reason to not go with a 50ms (or even lower) batch instead of 200

All spell batching does is lower the skillcap of the game (considerably). You can still have those “lolxD fun interactions much vanilla”, just instead of my grandmother being able to neilyo deathcoils/polys, you’ll actually have to have some skill


When classic was announced they wanted the community to decide on things like vanilla spell batching or use the improved method on the fancy pants client. No changers, or YouTubers/streamers and their cult rather, wanted the old clunky sluggish spellbatching.

So that’s what we got, and it’s working as intended.


I seriously doubt that the communities input was even considered when making such decisions. If the communities opinion mattered at all we would not be getting 1.12 AV. Blizzard decided what they would and would not use.


This was literally one of the “We’ve heard your feedback and will be using the old spell batching system”

Yes, this does lower the skill ceiling, but it’s the system that purists wanted.

You must be new here… this was a MAJOR selling point for pvpers because it decides the meta of vanilla a LOT especially for rogues.

I personally wanted it, but I would be fine without it.

That’s…arguable… there are a lot of things you can do with spell batching to make it work in your favor that a lot of people are able to do. Such as vanishing deahtcoil etc…