Fix or Remove Spell Batching. Period

I don’t remember spells acting like this at all in retail vanilla. Batching is seriously way overtuned.


You forgot to say “try again” at the end


Let’s examine what I ACTUALLY said and not what you HOPED I had said:

I.E. - High priority, outside of the main batch. This is what we’ve been talking about and referencing repeatedly. This is why I said the priority is fine - but many of the abilities function as if they fall in the wrong batch - delayed, unresponsive, etc.

Your whole argument is that you read what you want to read and not what is written by ANYONE in this thread.

Don’t try again, thanks for playing. You don’t get to dictate what other people have said. You don’t get to constantly change people’s own words for your own argument.

That’s never how it worked. That might work with the other 10 year olds on the playground but not here, friend.

Imagine being stupid enough to think that saying someone said something they didn’t - which is your ENTIRE method of argument - actually works.

If this is how you are on the internet - real life must be a lonely place for you.

Highly suspect this batching system they put together is also causing a druid issue, the talent furor is supposed to give you energy/rage instantly on shift, but instead its delayed about 1-2seconds.

Seems like EVERYTHING has a delay on it and its causing many things to just not function properly.


+1, I don’t care if this is a “change” or not, spell batching is cancer. Classic is a far cry from the vanilla experience anyway, let’s do away with this archaic crap.


You mean like this?

It’s pretty simple what you think should happen and what actually happens.

It’s just kinda obvious that at some point in this argument you might have found out you were wrong and now you’re just trying to twist and turn this argument into something unrecognizable until you decide you have won.

This isn’t the case.

You think that spells should have a priority like

When in reality it functioned, and NOW functions like

There was no abilities that functioned like you want them to function. You are simply incorrect and I am actually astounded it is taking you this long to admit it.


I’m not sure why you feel the need to continually argue the point, but there are several abilities in-game that do not function as they did in vanilla, clearly. Vanish being a very obvious example, along with FD and Execute. I mained a Rogue in vanilla and never got hit out of stealth after vanish due to batching. It didn’t work that way in vanilla. The hunter issue is probably the most glaring; the playstyle around feign death is completely different specifically because it’s just not working the same way it did in vanilla. Seems related to batching, IMO.

That’s funny you bring that up because that’s one of the main reasons a lot of people were asking for spell batching because they referred to getting rogues out of stealth who just went stealth with abilities.

Another case of ‘I don’t remembers…’ that’s just you not remembering what actually happened.

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Sorry, but feign death and vanish both suffered from this back in vanilla. No doubt about it. I played those classes and remember it clearly. Also, people were always moaning about it on the forums back then.

There is no evidence of that ever happening to my knowledge. Do you have any contrary evidence other than hearsay?

Hey, remember vanilla wow? Yup that sure was a fun game, hey you know what would be great for classic? A system that emulated spell and input lag. Gotta get that true vanilla feel

FYI when you’re attempting to say ‘Something DIDN’T work like XX’ the burden of proof is on you.


Batching has its benefits too, so I’m not jumping on board with this campaign until I find the negatives heavily outweighing the positives.

Vanilla just had one “priority” - i.e. everything had the same “priority”. To be more precise, everything is processed at the same rate - every 200ms.

Later expansions they added more “priority levels”, somethings are processed more frequently like interrupts and spells.

Vanilla responsiveness is emulated by only using the “lowest priority” loop that processes things the least frequently at 200ms.

Not sure exactly what you think the problem is. Things are processed every 200ms just like in vanilla.

This “sluggishness” is exactly how vanilla was. Maybe you didn’t feel it in the past as much due to your internet connection having a higher latency back then.

PS: It’s not possible to remove spell batching because that’s just how the servers work. In retail, all they have done is increase the rate of processing. Spell batching is still there in retail.


This guy keeps saying “Try Again” as if he’s somehow outsmarted the Dwarf.

But he hasn’t…


But anyway I’ll do you a solid and show you.

What I linked is a video of a rogue using batching to not only vanish other rogues blinds, but after he shows how to do that he shows how to blind other rogues vanishes (I.E. what you are saying wasn’t in vanilla)

Edit: Sorry starts at 1min


Okay, that’s just flat out wrong. You got hit all the time out of Vanish in Vanilla. It was a common issue vs hunters, to the point where you’d often gouge their pet just to ensure a clean vanish. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Same as 90% of the people making claims about these ‘glitches’ lol. I’m to the point from when I read “I played back then and I don’t remember…” I instantly think they never played back then or they are referring to a pserver they have been playing.

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One thing that for sure has crept in to this Vanilla-emulation is the weird Cataclysm-era mechanic where you never outright kill a mob, you drop it to 1 hp and it dies on the next batch. This is especially noticeable as a warrior with Execute. I never flat-out kill a mob with Execute; instead, I Execute, the health drops to a sliver, I usually get hit one more time, and then the mob dies suddenly. It’s very frustrating as I’ve had a few fights end in apparent murder-suicide (we both die).


This right here! It happens way more often than i thought it would. Heals as well. Flash of light into a holy shock… takes like an extra second to process and actually heal the target.