Fix for Repeat Instance Bug Exploit

Preach got banned for a month for exploiting experience gains to level his characters in BFA. I would love to see what type of bans go out IF ANY, and for how long. This is way worse and can ruin the economy


This is like watching a dumpster fire.

Please Blizzard - do something about this. This is completely unfair that their are players like myself who put in hardwork and effort to gain their gold/items etc. and then people like this (including famous streamers) who abuse it an over 1,000s upon 1,000s of gold. This effects everyone because it effects the economy of realms - and overall morale of the playerbase.

Something must be done Blizz.
we are waiting -
Streamers should not receive special treatment either - if they do - we will call you out.


The bugged raid XP has a ton of plausible deniability built in. You can’t prove that the people farming 10man SM were doing it because they knew about the bug, and not just because that’s what they would have done. This does not have that aspect – you are taking specific actions in order to trigger a known bug that is very obviously visible.


Hammer of Wrath the cheaters!

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Why do you guys think streamers get special privilege lol? They get banned for exploits all the time. APES and Jokerd didn’t get a pass from Blizzard, they didn’t get banned because nobody got banned for doing what they did.


Esfand literally muting donations about the ICC “accidental” exploit and trying to save face with an ex Blizzard employee. Staysafe too.

I would like to see streamers punished to the same degree as regular players.


Kevin Joran (Ex-WoW dev) agrees these are comparable situations that should have similar punishments.


Thank you for your quick response and resolution, Blizzard! :relieved:


This layering garbage has had room for exploitation since day one. Should have never been on launch.


these had better be long bans
including bans for streamers who abused it, where applicable


Just imagine the effect this has on the servers. People running around with tons of rare patterns farmed using this glitch that they can control the market on basically. Things like Truefaith Vestmants / Flask recipes. Will be Devilsaur Mafia on private servers level of control that they have on certain sections of the economy. Not to mention the raid scene. Was always curious to me seeing all of these people in full pre-bis a day after they hit 60 when they were usually in the same guilds.

Perma bans or rollbacks is the only way to fix this imo. It should be easy enough to tell who truly abused it and who just happened to stumble upon the glitch by accident.


The problem is I believe Esfand asked a GM if they could continue and the GM said yes. He didn’t seem to do it intentionally and put them in a weird situation where they either reclear up to where they stop or they have to miss out on clearing for the week. I think they should have gear from repeat bosses deleted though which they even said in the stream.


Imagine if they had a way of predicting this sort of behaviour, we could call it a “beta test” and get people to sign up and play the game and see what sort of behaviour takes place.


Layering needs to go. Now


I think it can be condensed down into one word:

If Blizzard cannot or will not nuke the exploiters from space, the game has officially lost it’s integrity. The raid XP bug coupled with the clown-grade “cleave groups”, and now this?


How the hell did blizzard not think layering in dungeons would lead to abuse?

When i first started playing I literally thought about testing layering in dungeons but thought to myself,
“There is no way they would be that stupid”.

Well, it turns out they are that stupid, what an incompetent company, cant even copy + paste a game without screwing it up.

Now they are trying to sweep it under the rug to save face by using language to suggest is was just a random bug, call it what it is blizzard, its a LAYERING BUG.


Watch then not ban/punish the streamers. Blizz ruined Classic already, back to Private servers I go!


Yea it’s absolutely shameful…

At the end of the day , I get it - it’s just a game - but we’ve been waiting for Classic for how long?

And now what? It’s reduced to nothing more than spell cleave farming, layer exploiting, elitist attitudes, and reduced integrity like you said.


This entire city must be purged.

Drop the hammer hard Blizzard.


Wipe all servers and relaunch the game. You have destroyed Classic.


To much work, wont happen.

At best they will come up with a scuffed automated ban system… That will end up banning alot of innocent players instead.

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