Fix for Repeat Instance Bug Exploit

The length of the “shot” does not discount the damage done via the unfair advantage.

To wit:

The exploiting the raid XP bug falls squarely into that sentiment. They are not mutually exclusive. The Raid XP exploit and the Raid Repeat Exploit should have gotten people banned, or at least wiped back to L1.


Do I give the impression that I watch streamers or that I am a fanboi? Nuke them from space, as I have suggested earlier.

They should clean out there toons of money/mats and raid gear, but not ban them, just monitor them, reason for that is to see if they find more exploits to abuse. People in general that exploit system, people, laws, and so on, they will do it again, better have a leash on them than having them create a new account and do it all over again in “secret”.

How about not ban them, but roll every one of their characters to L1, wipe inventories, rep, etc, and force migrate them to their own server to suffer one another, away from the general population of non-exploiters.


Rather than ban them I think they should be condemned to half a year of RP walk with no mounts, summons, ports or flight paths. On any character they roll. They can only hit running speed in combat.


It was at 4h 04m 00s for me.

And it sounds like Ythisens wasn’t familiar with this bug/exploit, but he did tell them to not take any loot from bosses they’ve previously killed.

Edit: Or Ythisens was familiar with the bug, which turned out to be a separate bug that existed since 2004?

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this is a thread a bout players abusing an exploit. it has nothing to do with dungeon cleaving. stop trying to obfuscate the issue. this thread isn’t about “casuals telling elitists how to play”, its about cheating vs not cheating where cheating is clearly defined(as by this thread’s OP official statement from Blizzard).

The two identified exploits are/were the increased raid xp in dungeons and this dungeon layering reset bug.


  • does dungeon cleave = cheating? NOPE
  • does dungeon cleave + knowingly abusing raid xp bug = cheating? YES
  • does abusing layering in dungeons to re-kill bosses super fast and farm massive amounts of loot = cheating? YES
  • does doing a raid more than once a week per character, by any means = cheating? YES

anything else is off topic to the thread.


Yes! I hear about 8 raids in a week and 2 bindings… please take action

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Gee idk maybe the fact you could sit there and farm BOE patterns like true faith vest an unlimited amount of times without ever haveing to leave the boss room


Perma ban the multiple reset abusers. Remove extra loot from the extra raid lockouts especially (people that received raid loot and bindings, rare patterns that have a large impact). It’s pretty obvious to say, if someone has cleared MC more than once in a week, it’s a easy call to ban. If it’s not perma bans, then it should be lengthy AND all gear removed. Even if it was “accidental”, gear should be removed.

Ah, how about allowing them to keep all their gear and levels, but give them permanent rez sickness?

Please ban their accounts and remove all of the gold and items they put into the economy.


Hmmm doesnt venruki have deathchargers reins? With a 0.01% drop chance. Im pretty sure they used this on the baron

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I hope they find a way to remove the excess gold and items earned from exploited instances.

Mass bans and deletion of items, rep, gold, and for good measures levels reset to 1 with a month ban.
Seriously I’m unsubbing 3 accounts and deleting all blizz games off my hard drive if these punitive measures turn out to be a slap on the wrist.
This isn’t a fresh level playing field. This is just exploit or get left in the dust.
This will force more people to buy gold from Susan.
Anyone know if they ban for buying gold or will they lose too much money banning all the real money traders?


You still want them to play. It has to be a very fine balance of being able to hang around to play, but constantly hating it, never to the point where they quit and free themselves though.

Yep - that time stamp looks right - i wanted to make sure you heard him enter chat at around the 4h mark, and listen to the conversation.

Let’s see the number regarding the amount of people permanently banned.

Are you going to quit? yes or no.

no you’re not.