Fix blind on rogue

rogue blind went from 7 seconds to 5 for no reason it makes rogues like completely unplayable since they played around blinds and saps it just makes rogue so much worse then it has to be its been fine for like 20 years why change it now


Or atleast 1 min cd since you cant resap or cap flag anymore. Blizzard need to compensate us something. 2 min cd for 5s disorient doesnt make sense.


They did this on purpose its clear who ever implemented this is a rogue hater, they clearly do not care if it screws rogues over . Its sad they are ruining pvp rogue now skill with set ups are thing of past and now gonna have to pve till someone dies since 6 cbp kidney is nolonger and with relentless its just sad no damage buffs to combat these unasked for supernerfs. I stopped kinda caring about pvp for a awhile now gives me 0 hope.


That’s what i was saying when i saw our blind get completely gutted. It’s not an AoE. It has a little bit of range and is easily broken from all the mindless AoE others have, and its 5 whole seconds on a 2 minute cooldown. I dont see literally anyone elses CC that’s this short with that long of a CD. Even Evoker’s Landslide has longer range, longer duration and a shorter CD. Mages and locks poly/fear are spammable and no CD.

I realize they didnt touch ANYONE’s cooldown with the CC reductions, but its a little absurd seeing how short some CC’s are with such long CD’s


blind has a healing debuff. its OP even if it doesnt stick. accept your fate for the benefit of being able to kill people.

Only if you talent into it. Oh and also, it doesn’t even work. It’s been bugged since release to not work on blind, only sap. And considering that blind sap is no longer possible…

Really, if blind is going to remain a 2 minute CD for a 5 second disorient, then it would be nice if it didn’t break on the first single point of damage. I swear warlock and warrior fears never break anymore, no matter how much you get hit. And every class now is just mindlessly spamming AOE, making my 5 sec disorient feel even more useless than it already is.


At this point my friend I don’t even play Rogue in Retail anymore because as far as I am concerned rogue stopped being a “rogue” in WoD with the combo point change, and in Legion I don’t even recognize it any more at all… Its become basically a monk / paladin hybrid thingee with stealth and some rogue like stuff but its no rogue.


Its clear you dont even play the class


This. Many classes have similar disorients which were always on like 45 second CDs. When we could blind sap it made total sense to me why the blindCD was longer because it was so powerful.

Now it functions very similarly to those abilities but just has a cooldown that’s almost three times longer. Time to update it and bring it in line with other similar abilities.


I believe they’re talking about Blackjack which is very powerful on paper but from what I’ve read since season 1 it’s bugged and doesn’t even properly apply from Blind, only from Sap.

So if that’s true then that person’s argument is completely invalid.


Especially with how outlaw plays it just feels like a weird warrior wannabe.

Remember back in the day when you would get enormous ambushes on your Rogue? Whatever happened to those days? RIP.


Bring. Back. Bandit’s Guile. PLEASE!


Wrath of the Litch King happened, they added Dance and as a result Ambush basically turned into what Backstab was pre-Wrath, and Backstab itself got nerfed down to what Hemo use to do… so lame.

I loved the utility that dance added, but in reality it was a poor design choice that unavoidably had to nerf the standard attack damage across the board. Frankly, pre Wrath rogue had so much going for it, and was spoiled by Dance.

The only 2 things rogue needed post TBC was Baseline shadowstep and Smoke bomb and redirect would have been a nice touch also. As for the rest of it, I would be happy as all can be to throw it in the trash for the OG most fun melee in WoW history.

PreWrath Rogue is BiS


lol. yeah dont play the class. i have my own scenario in wow buddy.

blackjack is BLIND OR SAP to debuff.

It’s bugged. You can test this in like two seconds on a random open world mob.


its not bugged. i just tested. noobs. the debuff activates after the spells wear off. holy smokes, l2p


I’m well-aware of how it works, I used it for weeks before it broke. If it’s fixed then grand, but it’s been broken for a short while.


Literally was doing games yesterday and it never procced for blind. Procs for sap. You clearly are here to troll and you don’t play your class


It’s not fixed. He’s here to troll. It doesn’t proc for blind at all