Fishing Question!

Is it true that you can only fish up the GOOD stat boosts during REAL LIFE seasons? Like the winter squid is only fishable during WINTER IRL?

Or is it some kind of in-game cycle that makes more sense?

I feel like leveling fishing is a waste of we cant fish up the good food buffs reliably.

As the spring equinox recently occurred, you now fish up summer bass instead of the squid.
There are other fish that can be cooked for stat food though that are always available.

There are 4 fish that change with time. 1 during day (health regen), night (mana regen), summer (spirit), and winter (agility). The time frame for squids has passed, so it’s now unobtainable and prices will only go up as supplies run out.

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It’s not just buffs you can fish up. The debris pools have pretty nice things at times. Big clams have various pearls. It’s worth it.

But is it worth the time investment even at cap (You still have to run around and wait for fishing line) vs. grinding monsters decently fast?

Im trying to weight the opportunity cost. If I can just grind monsters and then buy all the food buffs in the AH, I probably wouldnt level fishing. I guess that comes down to my server. If its empty in the AH, for sure I’ll level it.

It’s still definitely worth it. Stonescale eels always sell. Even lower tier buffs like greater sagefish sell for 4-5 gold a stack (on my server, after you cook them). You can make a loop from grom gol, up the river to nessingwary’s, and down the coast just fishing every pool you see, and you’ll catch 15-20 gold worth of fish (greater sagefish, firefin, and oily blackmouth), trunks, and the stam-boost rum. How fast you can make that loop depends on your mount and how PvP-happy STV is being that day.

Fishing is very boring.

Winter squid is over and will return next winter. Summer fish will be up soon, don’t know if anyone cares.

You only fish firefin snapper and stone scale eel for money, those are needed by alchemists and soon enchanters too.

I guess it all depends. Personally, I love it. I solo play, don’t raid and only occasionally run dungeons with random groups of people- I’m not even in a guild, lol. I’m anti-social in real life, and in-game. Anyway, I find the fishing to be relaxing, and it’s one of my favorite things to do in game. You can make decent gold (so long as somebody hasn’t hijacked the prices on the AH which they have on my server… I was making serious money selling nightfin soups and then people had to come in an undercut and now prices have been undercut to about 80% what they normally are, and it’s been like that for a couple weeks now, making fishing (at least for snappers) almost pointless.

But I do still enjoy sitting there, have something on TV in the background and I’m a happy camper for hours :slight_smile:

That’s a thing about fishing, everyone can do it and it’s not a limited resource. So fish has no value outside seasonal fish that no longer is available.

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With squids gone, fishing isn’t that valuable anymore. There will always be a demand for mana regen and stonescale; but everything else you catch is moot. My advice is to always fish at night because nightfin=money. This means fishing between 6pm and 6am server time.


I don’t know that it has no value, because it can, and does, especially for those folks who hate to fish, so long as jackasses don’t undercut the market. In retail I made the majority of my gold by fishing Darkmoon Daggermaw. It’s a special event fish, and comes around every month, but still sells (at least last I played; haven’t played BfA since Classic came out) at a decent price.

Unfortunately Classic doesn’t have DMF fishing though :frowning:

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I like the big lake at silverpine, go in a circle around the lake for tons of greater sagefish and less mobs to pull.


you’re gonna be eating blessed sunfruit for a while

I like the big lake in Moonglade fishing for snappers. Earlier this winter (before cancelling my sub) I really liked fishing off the docks in Tanaris. So peaceful and quiet… lol

Yea Moonglade is nice for Snapper. I just tele there and go nuts.


I haven’t fished in almost a month(since winter squid) but I’ll be fishing tonight. I find in about an hour I can make 20gold fishing vs 40gold herbing. Fishing is cool afk money though. You can watch a movie or tab out and still earn decent gold.

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Just fish !

So only fun aspect of fishing is coming up as an optional boss in ZG. You have to fish him out, it’s a quest.

Other than that there’s nothing useful in that profession for anyone to care about.