First WoD Garrison command table greyed out and can't be completed

Doing WoD content/timewalk to level my new Orc Priest and the mission screen is greyed out for me. Can’t interact with it at all, but I can still interact with the follower tab. It was fine until the mission was finished and ready for completion.

I only have two followers (Vivianne and Olin Umberhide) and it’s the first Garrison mission you receive.

Disabled my addons, issue was still happening.

Deleted my addons, issue was still happening.

Did a complete fresh reinstall of the game and issue was still happening.

I eventually tried the Garrison Commander addon to see if that could help and it did. So I no longer have the issue, but I’m posting this anyways so Blizzard becomes aware of the bug.

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sounds like prior addons have caused an issue.

after any patch, it’s always beneficial to do a full UI reset.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned doing a full reinstall of the game and the issue still persisting. So I don’t think it’s an issue with the addons if a full fresh reinstall of the game, without any addons on it, was still having issues.

As for info I didn’t mention. I doubt the issue was addons + patching, since the issue started on May 24th, before the patch on May 26th.

So it seems weird that an issue started that only effects the garrison mission/command table (Legion, BfA, and Shadowland command tables/missions were still work fine) and goes away after after finishing the first command table mission in WoD.

Like, issues caused by my addons was the first thing I checked for, although I only use two addons (Total RP 3.0 and Narcissus) and they’ve never caused issues before. It’s kinda like how when I mod other games and have issues, it’s common sense to check if third party addons/mods are causing the issues.

If I didn’t try every possible fix, I wouldn’t have reported it as a bug.

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there were hotfixes on 22, 23, 24, 25… the addon wasn’t updated until the 26th.

Yeah, but why would it only effect the WoD Garrison missions and only the 1st one? Doesn’t change the fact the entire situation is weird.

And, AGAIN, the problem persisted even after a fresh reinstall without any addons after I completely scrubbed WoW from my computer. So, again, I doubt it was addons that caused it.

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Talk to Fen Tao, a Pandaren who is standing outside the entrance to the inn in Warspear. He’s a follower but you have to ask him, there won’t be a quest.

I have the same problem. I installed garrison commander to try to fix it, but it did not fix it.

Having same issue on my Druid Lorhirn on area 52 horde. Thread is a year old why no fix or blue post?

Identical issue here. I just finished the 1st mission with Qiana and the result is grayed out so I can’t finish the mission or do any new missions on this character. This is only a problem on this character. My other more advanced characters have no problems with their Garrison Command Tables.