FIrst time in classic

The only time this really has to be an issue is if you need to taunt off another tank, and Salv isn’t reliable enough for you.

Don’t listen to the streamer bs OP. The real Vanilla experience is what you make it. Plenty found out the hard way and have now quit or rerolled pve. Choose wisely.

Why when you dont have to?
Try PVP, not your thing, Roll a PVE toon
Like both? play them on alternate days

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No such thing as a Paladin anything but healer.

I’d say the issue is you wont run into the PVP grindsaw until you’re fairly far along in the leveling process. As a new player/casual the first reflex to getting repeatedly camped while trying to play isnt going to be to redo the same content all over again… it’s going to be to quit and not come back…

But if you absolutely must roll pvp, I’d recommend going horde. They have far greater numbers on Pvp servers which makes the experience slightly more tolerable

If this is your first time, I strongly recommend starting on a PvE server.

On a PvP server, you will:
A. Be ganked, constantly
B. Have no control of when you are ganked and camped
C. May not be able to finish PvE objectives - ever
D. Will spend hours corpse running, only to be ganked again when you think it’s safe.

Sometimes you’ll be on the receiving, sometimes the dealing. I personally love PvP servers, but it seems many are not realistic about wPvP.

Anyhow, welcome welcome! Have fun :slight_smile:


Look up P2 here on the forums. Everyone’s experience was great pre p2. Allies and horde /waving as treaties. Helping each other kill stuff. Saving each other.
Then bam. P2 Bloodbath. Then forum tearbath. Then a bunch of /unsubs
Nah. Get your feet wet and see if you even like the game before entering the true warzone. The pvp is not for everyone. Especially when other players get to dictate when you engage. Against your will.

Nice bait, friend.

The BEST breakfast food is a Tauren steak. A good hammer tenderizes perfectly. :slight_smile:

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Hmmph, a corrupted Tauren, eating of flesh.

We Nelfs Never eat gnomes!

We just lick all the flavor off before letting them go.

We are small and rather bright. Having people like you wanting to punt/kill us has taught us how to breed like rabbits.
Soon we will have taken the worlds resources and you will fade.

Punt now and the future of your race is all but doomed. Just ask the Dwarves who have realized that living with us and doing the hard labor like digging and providing us with materials has made IF strong.
That and they are all drunks and we encourage this and even make better brews for them to cloud their minds.


If you are from BfA, mass pulling will result in a quick death.
World mobs are actually a threat and four of the same level beating on you will kill you (unless a twink?).

Self healing or stealthy classes are good for running away and/or surviving.

Do not go to a PvP server where you are the underdog faction. The faction starting zones are safe(?), but contested zones will result in a lot of camping (once they have AV zerging out of their system).

LOL RET me a river boy

Expect a drop in players some time tomorrow.

That’s when 8.3 drops on the retail servers.

Idk about paladins, but the warlock mount is completely free. Not 1 copper

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I’m not even ret tho.
Nice second bait, friend.

Find a high population server. Roll the class and race you want. Ignore the min/maxing crowd. Remember this is a steady pace game. Dont be afraid to strategically pull one aggressive mob at a time. Strongholds, caverns, and settlements are almost like mini dungeons, you cant just wombocombo your way through unless you are a mage, or hunter. Instance dungeons are very slow pace early on, and pick up in the 30s and become a lot more fun. Consider what professions you want, either go with two gathering professions to make extra money or just start working on the ones you want in the end.

Ignore pros and cons for specific classes, unless they have cons that truly impact you negatively on how you see yourself in the latter parts of WoW gameplay.

Find a casual leveling guild. It offers oppurtunity to ask questions on the fly and be in a supportive position to ask for help or be helpful.

A great single addon that you should take, at the very least is Questie. It will streamline your patching and help you figure out the best next destination for yourself. Leveling is different in classic especially for some classes, you may find yourself traveling to various zones to play catch up. Make a habit of killing mobs in your path instead of skipping them. The time spent killing them instead of skipping rewards you more than you know.

Definetly pickup secondary professions, if not immidietly but soon into your 30s. Cooking, fishing, and first aid are all big helps on saving gold, and making those small amounts needed to get your first mount.

There are tons of youtube vids by Punkrat that covers some basics and future understandings for various classes. But as I said previously pick what you want.

Classic WoW is addicting. It doesnt have all the bells and whistles retail does, but it has so much to do. Overtime you will discover new things that you may have missed or skipped or had no idea would be such a huge help on your journey. Get ready for long walks, wasted time, and a test of mettle.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is the post your CM’s respond to.


Cannot unsee. I really don’t appreciate that visual!

Let the punting begin!

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This is wrong. It is free. You get a quest to go to Ratchet, then they give you the spell as a quest reward. The only cost to me was some silver for the flight.

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