<First Class> Recruiting for 25 man/10 man Ulduar

Class needs:
Moonkin Druid
Demo Warlock
Feral Druid
Resto Shaman

-Chill environment
-Pushing all content and end-game achievements
-SR loot system with MS>OS roll for non-reserved gear
-Active players who enjoy playing outside of raid
-Small, team-oriented environment that encourages lasting friendships

Raid times and days:
Tuesday and Wednesday @ 9pm-midnight Server Time (EST)

We are looking for the above listed classes/specs. However, we do encourage anyone to reach out if interested. We always need fillers who are willing to step in when a core raider can’t make it.
Respond here or /who First Class in-game to reach out

Whisper In-Game:
Maviansneaks/ Mavianhuntz (GM)
Kgrens/ Grens/ Grensie/ Grensicle (Raid Leader)
Nshan (Officer)
Epok/Epoks (Officer)

Why is a chill guild poaching members from other guilds and paying their guildies 50g per recruit “with gear?”