Firelands/Ulduar Raid Progress Not Updating

Im in the progress of going back and clearing all old raids. I did Firelands and Ulduar a few days ago and they still haven’t updated on my armory page, although every other raid that I did has updated…

I’ve seen several other people have had this same problem. Is there a fix?

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I suspect this is caused by the fact that both Ulduar and Firelands are converted into flexible-difficulty raids (“Flex raids”) to accommodate timewalking. Because of that, progress in the current incarnation of the raid aren’t being applied to either the legacy raids reported on the Armory. The current raids aren’t exactly the same raids as they used to be.

In other words, the Armory is outdated and can’t report updates from the current raids. That’s my theory, anyway.

Web devs really should fix this.

That does kind of make sense, still frustrating and should be fixed.

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fit it, or don’t - doesn’t make a difference now - one more thing that if were fixed would be too late since the psi curse is now in full effect because of what you did to RUIN this game for ME in it’s ENTIRETY as both a raider and mythic healer person while hunting as a venthyr with beasts you cannot defeat without a huge buff from an overpaid group of racist zealots who care nothing for me and my team of real vampires acting in unison to force out the evil of blizzard’s demise with a SWIFT REGIME CHANGE folks!!! !

better late than never!

at least i can see i won x 7 in that area as well, no thx!!