Fire spec bonuses

At least make a separate vote for PvP … lol

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Please take note that the season 2 set is quite weaker than the current season 3 counterpart.

In order to match them, the 2p bonus from the season 2 set needs to be bumped to 10%

Like this:

  • (2) Set Bonus: Phoenix Flames applies Charring Embers to all enemies it damages, increasing their damage taken from you by 10% for 12 sec.

s2 is the most fun, although i don’t particularly enjoy the charred embers mechanic, and i would prefer if it worked in a different way.


Have you noticed that crit only scales well with the current tier set? Might wanna do something about that problem.

Also, mastery should likely be changed at this point, frankly speaking, ignite as a mastery is a nightmare to balance, and they will likely never be able to do it.

Just make a new mastery and make ignite a standard passive with fixed values.

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Most BASED take by far. xd


This is actually a decent idea. I think if you can get to a reasonable Ignite value with talents that our Mastery could be swapped to something else. Or at least, give it more functionality than it currently does and up the baseline Ignite value.

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It would make it easier to balance while still retaining the idea of fire.

S3 because building crit is fun.

I feel like fire already needs another rework. The talent tree is still unimaginably terrible and boring. Would be cool to have frostfire bolt back as an ignite consumer to do massive damage. Just something interesting that feels strong to press.
I hate comparing to classic and wrath but Fire actually used to feel strong. Living bomb you knew was going nuts, an instant pyro in wrath was absolutely insane. The fear of getting PoM pyro in classic was unreal. Now fire is like a wet noodle in PvE that slowly tickles for more. If I rip sun king’s blessing pyro I want to see a massive number on par with glacial spike.

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Really glad to have yet another tier set be a REPEAT of a previous one that wasn’t good for PvP…


As expected, the tuning completely missed the mark and the now re-tuned voted set is still around 3% behind (in total) of it’s season 3 counterpart (current one).
i.e. if we were to make a direct comparison the s3 set provides a ~12% gain while the re-tuned s2 set provides a ~10% gain.

Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

update, a link to a simulation for proof of concept on just how far off the tuning is currently:
h ttps://

Not sure how its gonna turn out on live servers tomorrow, but if it really is under tuned, I hope Blizzard fixes it within a week.