Fire Mage In War Within: Suggestions Thread

Hello all! This is the thread for Fire Mages that would describe some of remaining issues of the spec in War Within and offer some suggestions and possible improvements for them. Most suggestions are independent and if Blizzard does not like them too much or has better ideas, they could implement their own solutions instead.

Like the Frost Mage post, this post would be split into PVE and PVP subsections for better readability with some overlaps possible.

PVE issues and suggestions
  1. Limited / not competitive build options
    Currently, Sun King’s Blessing is picked pretty much every time, since it is just better than the competitors or alternatives. Having it viable is good, but there should be some bigger variety in builds, especially since foundations for them are already in the tree.
    Fire has foundations for 4 different build profiles in its tree and from latest tier set, some of which can also be mixed and matched - Combustion uptime (SKB), stronger Combustion (Unleashed Inferno), sustained damage builds (Tempered Flames) and crit based builds (Season 3 tier set). It would be good if options for all these build profiles and possibilities to mix them would be preserved in War Within, but all of them should also be balanced and tuned properly. Here are suggestions for that:
    Sun King’s Blessing - already good and strong enough, could just get better visual indication for its proc.
    Unleashed Inferno - CD reduction should be tuned to provide around 1 min CD for Combustion with proper management (which would synergize with most trinkets and other CDs) and from there its damage bonus should be tuned to just provide comparable average output to SKB. It also should include Flamestrike in affected abilities list to be compatible with its builds.
    Tempered Flames - could be redesigned to provide a sustained damage build that does not prune the usual rotation and reduce synergies like current version does. For example, it could just make Fireball, Scorch, Pyroblast and Flamestrike (if needed - Phoenix Flames and Fire Blast too) deal X% increased damage, but reduce Combustion duration (both normal and Sun King’s Blessing triggered) by Y%, shifting the damage profile to less spikey and more sustained without talent’s current pruning of rotation and synergies (like Pyrotechnics).
    Season 3 crit build - to provide access to it, season 3 2 and / or 4 item set bonus (with tuned values if needed) could become a choice node option with Hyperthermia in Fire tree. It already has foundations for such placement - its node would be accessible from Fevered Incantation that supports crit builds and Controlled Destruction (that if tuned properly would be generally good) and choice with Hyperthermia would provide a choice between bigger 100% crit uptime and bigger value for crits, allowing players to adjust their profile in a manner they would like. However, Hyperthermia also needs a massive boost for general competitiveness, as it is not played much currently.
    Hyperthermia - its RNG proc rate that is not compatible with and not triggered during Combustion uptime simply does not work well enough. As such, it should just be changed into an active ability with X seconds CD, providing players full control over it and access to mini-burst windows. That would make it much more competitive in general.

  2. Too niche / conditional abilities
    Fire has several abilities that either have decent value only during specific conditions (like Scorch) or when there are a lot of enemies and they survive long enough (like Living Bomb). This contradicts the idea that talents should be competitive on their own and not necessary require their upgrades or execute phase (for Scorch) and makes Living Bomb underplayed, since conditions when it is competitive enough are not that common. Both abilities could be looked at. Suggestions:

  1. Buff Scorch’s base damage and accordlingly reduce or even remove damage bonus from Searing Touch to compensate. That would make Scorch have similar power in execute phases, but be more competitive and useful on its own.
  2. Remove spread component from Living Bomb, but significally buff its damage to compensate and make it also immediately explode when dispelled (pretty much revert to earlier expansions form). Convection then could just provide static CD reduction and additional bonuses for it and if needed, Incendiary Eruptions values could be tuned as well. This change would make ability more competitive in general situations and both not require large target count to be effective and not be a balancing headache for future tuning, since its spread can be quite hard to balance around. Dispel protection component would also make it more viable for PVP and if needed its PVP modifier could be tuned as well.
  1. Undertuned / underused talents
    Fire has several talents that either are undertuned, not reliable enough or can be even harmful for some cases (like Deep Impact). Some of them were mentioned earlier and here are others:
    Pyromaniac / Inflame choice node - undertuned and not reliable (Pyromaniac). Inflame could just be buffed to competitive level, but Pyromaniac would remain unreliable and hardly trackable even if buffed, so could be replaced entirely instead.
    Conflagration - has too low value, is not reliable and can even break crowd control effects nearby (more an issue in PVP, but still). It could be entirely replaced and I would also suggest to swap its talent position with Firefall - this way Firefall would not require AoE nodes of Living Bomb and Convection to be taken (while being based on single-target abilities itself) and accessible for both single-target and AoE builds from generally useful Feel the Burn. For compatibility with AoE builds, Firefall could also get stacks and trigger from Flamestrike. If needed, Firefall’s values could be tuned to compensate.
    Controlled Destruction - provides too low value, especially for 3rd part of tree. Surging Blaze from 1st part of tree provides more value for 1 point than Controlled Destruction for 2 points, it is that undertuned. Should be significally buffed.
    Deep Impact - does not provide enough value to be competitive enough and is directly harmful for AoE situations (while being in supposedly AoE part of Fire’s tree). It should be buffed to become competitive enough for single-target situations and also could become a choice node with talent that would boost Meteor for AoE situations, so that there would be options for both ST and AoE builds.
    Flame Accelerant - is used, but could get a QoL change that would make it just trigger every X seconds in a manner similar to Tidebringer. That would make it more compatible with builds that actively use Fireball.
PVP issues and suggestions
  1. Design contradictions
    Like other Mage specs, Fire Mage is presented as kiting based and slippery, but at the same time has offensive tools that require pretty much melee range, like Dragon’s Breath. However, this issue is increased for Fire specifically because of Flamecannon. Its stacks have 15 yards threshold and Dragon’s Breath has 12 yards range, so if you try to use DB offensively (for example to land Polymorph on healer), you remove your Flamecannon stacks yourself. Possible solution is to increase range of Dragon’s Breath and Cone of Cold (which is other ability that has too low range for its purposes) to 15-20 yds - that both addresses the issue with Flamecannon and mentioned design contradictions.

  2. No longer justified reduced survivability in PVP
    After all the nerfs to Glass Cannon, Fire Mage has around comparable output to other ranged specs in PVP, but has to sacrifice 15% of maximum health and a PVP talent slot to get comparable damage boosts to his main abilities that specs like Destruction Warlock and Devastation Evoker get for simply existing. Such trade-off is likely no longer justified, so consider just replacing Glass Cannon with some other PVP talent and providing some of its bonuses baseline for Fire Mage in PVP (like happened with some other specs including mentioned above, for example Destruction Warlock got Focused Chaos PVP talent removed and received damage bonus to Chaos Bolt in PVP baseline). If needed, you could also remove health bonus from Flamecannon to compensate.
    Second part of this issue is that Blazing Barrier both has the lowest value of all 3 Mage Barriers baseline and inherited from Shadowlands additional 25% nerf in PVP. This PVP nerf is no longer justified and could be removed and Blazing Barrier in general could receive a boost that would make it more competitive with other Barriers, for example additionally reduce physical damage taken while active, like it did in some earlier expansions.

  3. Too large or no longer needed PVP reduction modifiers.
    Aside from mentioned above Blazing Barrier modifier, Fire Mage also has other no longer needed or too big PVP modifiers - 67% PVP nerf for Unleashed Inferno that is just too large (for comparison, even Arcane Surge is nerfed in PVP much less - by 30%), potentially too big PVP nerf to Sun King’s Blessing hardcasted spell, 40% nerf to Fiery Rush inherited from Shadowlands and so on. Some of these modifiers could be reconsidered and reduced / removed.

  4. Undertuned / underused PVP talents and possible additions.
    There are some PVP talents for Fire that are not competitive enough lately and could use a boost, for example Greater Pyroblast. Its cast time is too long for its value (as other classes can have abilities that deal comparable damage that have much lower cast time or are even instant) and could be reduced.
    Additionally, Fire Mage lacks PVP spec specific tools in analogue to Frost’s Snowdrift and Arcane’s Kleptomania and could receive some. For example, a fitting PVP talent for scorching Fire Mages could be a disarm - heating up weapon of their enemy and making him / her drop it for some time should not be a problem for them. Such talent would provide them with a spec specific tool that would not overlap with tools of other Mage specs and provide more options, but still require some potential output sacrifice (a PVP talent slot) to get.

This is the list of suggestions. If you want - add your own, as that would allow to keep them in one thread that Blizzard could track. Thank you for reading!


Pretty much agree across the board.

On Hyperthermia, I’d love to give it a niche for final execute/pre-intermission phases; maybe give it another second or two and make it an active ability, but add a short decaying debuff on Fire damage so you have an incentive to use it right before a boss goes immune or a pack dies.

Living Bomb: my thoughts exactly. We already have a spread mechanic that’s seemingly a pain to tune. Just one decent-damage explosion so we have a reason to press it.

Pyromaniac: it’s nearly impossible to react properly to this proc during Combustion, so I’d way rather this were simply a double-cast proc or removed entirely.

Tempered Flames should just be removed - it promotes a very degenerate/boring playstyle, and if it’s tuned to be remotely decent it almost invalidates the complexity of the spec.

I’d love to see an ability that lets you recall the target’s Ignite bank for application to the next target hit, similar to the Aff Warlock’s ability to bank debuffs. This would help with target switching (which is pretty punishing as it stands) and could either replace or be added to the Inflame node.

Our PvP talents are pretty trash relative to other specs as well. Strongly agree with giving us more viable choices that don’t either gimp us or require odd setup.

Tbh agree on PVP changes well spoken.

I’d suggest posting the fire specific ones in arena forums.

I’d add onto that meteor side talents are so bad its never worth giving up anything to go into it and meteor itself is very underwhelming.

Furthermore complicating fire is Combust CDR, and TA combust. Both of those and combusts uptime have watered it down more then bud light and my perspective on it BOTH should be removed entirely, Combust made a solid 2 minute CD no CDR allowed and some REAL punch added to it as compensation additional with the unleashed inferno tuning being addressed.

Both of those combined should put some teeth back into fire while addressing the things you mentioned.

Ring of Fire should also be made fire only as some of fires power budget is no doubt factored into their decision making regarding fire balance.

My personal feeling on glass/flame is they need to just both be removed entirely and that damage poured into fires aura tuning. What started as a neat playstyle changeup ended up hamstringing the spec long term and heavy reliance on it and the problems that have arisen now as a result.

My personal solution offered up to that would just to restore the talent Controlled burn to have ignite deal its full damage over 3 seconds and increase ignite damage by 40%.

The other honor talent I’d propose in its place would be NEW- Devouring Flames. Ignite no longer deals damage or has a duration but absorbs healing instead. Dispelling ignite transfers any remaining ignite to the dispeller.

This would offer fire different playstyles and comps and give it the niche option of changing it frontloaded damage and DoT to accumulating necrotic strike DoT.

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I agree - Meteor could be buffed, if needed for balance just with a PVP modifier.

As for Combustion power vs uptime - I think it would be best if there will be several choice nodes in Fire tree between power addition to Combustion and bigger uptime of guaranteed crits, so that each Fire Mage can find the balance between them he / she likes most. I suggested something like that in PVE section with choices between updated Unleashed Inferno and Sun King’s Blessing and between Hyperthermia and analogue of Fire’s season 3 tier set bonus.

Ring of Fire can be useful for all 3 specs, so it not necessary should become Fire only, but rather each spec should have its own spec specific tools that distinguish them or make them better in different situations. I suggested some in PVP sections for specs.

I can support restoration of Controlled Burn (tweaked to be competitive enough) as a PVP talent that would support Mastery builds. Turning Fire’s Ignite into healing absorption is an interesting idea too.

The biggest thing that keeps me from playing Fire is Combustion. I feel like it would be nice if it were more like a standard cooldown and not have the entire damage toolkit center around it. Fireball, Pyroblast, and our other spells feel quite anemic outside of the Combustion window.

Also, I never want to hardcast a Pyroblast ever. It feels bad.


What I wouldn’t like about this is then it’s just a trinket in talent form, or the Vanilla era Arcane Power but fire colored. And I think there are already specs and CDs in the game that fill that niche so why does Fire need to be another one?

In theory they could redesign the talents to better allow the choice to have Combustion be a traditional cooldown alongside the current playstyle where it’s more a buff you try to keep active as much as possible. If that could be properly balanced, I say go for it.

Would making Combustion a 2-3 min “traditional” CD alleviate this or exacerbate it? I’m betting it would be the latter especially if we’re talking about how it “feels.”

That’s fine. The thing about “feels” is that it’s subjective. Not everyone “feels” the same way about SKB. I like it and would rather they keep it as is.

They should absolutely make UI or the other capstones more competitive options though. The hard part is balancing, as I said earlier.

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As current talent trees allow choice nodes, I think Fire Mages should just get possibility to customize their build to their liking via several choices between sustained damage / Combustion power / Combustion or guaranteed crits uptime. That is why I suggested choice nodes between:
Hyperthermia as an active ability vs Season 3 tier set effect - a pick between guaranteed crits uptime and crit damage boosts (that would help both sustained damage and Combustion power based builds)
Redesigned to sustained damage option Tempered Flames vs Improved Combustion - a choice between sustained damage and stronger Combustion.
Unleashed Inferno (tuned to competitive level) vs Sun King’s Blessing - choice between a stronger Combustion and its larger uptime.

These and other similar choices (if tuned properly and more or less competitively) would allow Fire Mages to tailor their build to their needs or likings. Want to be a mega-Combustion build with low uptime or its long CD to compensate? You can take all its power boosting nodes over its uptime nodes. Want maximum uptime of it like current SKB build? Take all Combustion or guaranteed crits uptime nodes. Want a sustained damage profile that is less reliant on Combustion? Take all general performance boosting and Tempered Flames nodes. And so on.

I wish they’d make the season 3 tier bonuses into talents for Fire so that we could have a viable crit-stacking build, on top of properly ironing out SKB vs Unleashed Inferno.

Another big thing the three needs is to fix that super awkward pathing issue where we need to go through Living Bomb (make LB great again) and Convection to get to Firefall, effectually wasting 2 talent points on a skill never to be pressed in single target to get to a talent that would give us the best throughput.

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I rather like much of what you said. :slight_smile:
— Since we’re shooting off suggestions in the suggestion thread:

Gameplay Suggestion

:diamonds: Sun Kings Blessing:

  • Implementing an ingame visual effect for when its up would be helpful, especially to new or learning players.

In both PvP and PvE during intense situations, in todays day & age of WoW you got a lot to focus on - and keeping track of how many crits you’ve done and when the buff is going to arrive can be easily miscalculated or missed.

My personal suggestion for Sun King’s Blessing would be to build-in the features seen on the weakaura: ‘Sun King’s Blessing DF Talent - SKB’ — Import by PreHeat, into the game itself.

  • This weakaura shows a counter on the screen that’s not obscuring your screen to see what’s going on. Easy to track the count, and continue your battle.
  • When the count reaches its climax & its time to shine — The visual effect on screen its alertful & telling, again without obscuring too much else on your screen.

Honestly, I feel when Sun King’s Blessing is time to pop – Having the Pyroblast that triggers the effect, should be a faster (yet not instant) cast — and do a LOT more damage than the typical pyroblasts too.

Cosmetic Suggestion

:diamonds: Colour Pallet

  • Proving some customisation to fire, such as different colours.

Such as seen with the Warlocks green-fire questline, to give their destruction effects a chaos-fel green aesthetic — Providing mages with their own flavour of spellfire would be grand.

Ideas I had in mind for new fire visuals were the obvious two: Purple and Blue.

Purple is seen in various arcane flavours, and so is blue – particularly with blue dragons magic, but aside from arcane connection to blue — I feel blue flames would be well suited because as many of us know: Blue Flames = Super hot!!

Although having a cluster of both with a new visual option, would be pretty cool too. Blue Phoenix Flames & Blue Fireballs followed by a purple Pyroblast? Priceless.

Blue flame would likely be reserved for Frostfire Mage animations / customizations, but purple fire (Spellfire) could be compatible with all. As such, Fire Mage could get both purple fire as a general cusomization option and maybe blue fire effects for Frostfire and flame orbs from Legion artifact for Sunfury (which would likely match the theme).

One other thing that could really use some love next expansion: Phoenix Flames.

This guy just really needs a better niche. Now that Fireblast spreads ignite… it’s basically just a worse version of Fireblast that you press when out of buttons. The splash damage isn’t great. The animation is weirdly slow. Sure, it resets Feel the Burn, and is good for building up more stacks of SKB (if you talent for it), but it’s really just clunky to use and doesn’t add anything to the spec. It’s other (non-AF) buffing talents are also pretty one-dimensional:

(1) From the Ashes: you should cast more Phoenix Flames (that won’t crit) for a small/medium Mastery buff.
(2) Call of the Sun King: now you can cast more Phoenix Flames.
(3) Phoenix Reborn: now you can sometimes cast more Phoenix Flames.

I wouldn’t mind the slow projectile speed if it were more of a sparingly-used nuke or had a more interesting synergizing effect. I’d venture that pretty much everyone would prefer a fourth Fireblast charge over continuing to use PF as-is. Some ideas could be:

  • A direct interaction with ignite. Perhaps it causes existing ignites to flare up and deal (more of) its damage instantly to affected targets. Or it magnifies an existing ignite bank. Use case: build up a big ignite via Combust/SKB, then explode/amp it up with a PF.
  • Spawns a short-lived mini phoenix where it lands, with duration or damage increased by nearby ignite ticks. Stepping on the toes of Demo slightly, but we only have 2-3 charges of the thing anyway.
  • An increased chance to proc Hyperthermia. Incentivizes using it outside Combust and gives you something to do between SKB/Combust cycles.

I dunno, it has a cool animation, and it’s a bummer that it really doesn’t do very much or live up to the phoenix theme in any way.

Some love for Phoenix Flames could definitely happen. It is not needed too much in Season 4 because of returning tier set, but in TWW it is likely to become redundant / low priority ability again. Though it might be too early to speculate over it - we have not seen Sunfury yet and since Sunfury is likely Blood Elves / Kael’Thas related, it could have some support for Phoenix Flames already (as Phoenix was one of his signature abilities in Warcraft 3). We shall see.

Phoenix Flames requiring a talent far down the tree to regain its autocrit function should be a crime. Too many talents to make it a good spell that require high investment.

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Looks like there are many planned changes for Fire coming soon. Some additions to starting post:

  • Since Meteor is a major talent for Frostfire tree, it should become more accessible in Fire tree (or even baseline). Its upgrade node should also be buffed to become more competititve in ST situations and could have a choice node with talent that would make Meteor better in AoE situations (as Deep Impact is directly harmful there).
    Additionally, Firefall as a mainly single-target talent being locked behind AoE talents is not good either and could be addressed too, for example via swapping its position with Conflagration.
  • While Scorch would likely get its guaranteed crit below 30% health incorporated into it baseline, it should also get its baseline damage buffed. Necessity of 300% damage increase in PVP just to make it picked there is a major red flag how undertuned is its base damage. Same can be said about Living Bomb, which was buffed by 800% in PVP just to make it picked.
  • Controlled Destruction and Hyperthermia both need major buffs to become competitive enough with other end branches. Controlled Destruction can just be buffed, but design of Hyperthermia is just badly compatible with Fire’s latest design, especially Sunfury, so it could just be redesigned, for example become an active ability with X seconds CD.
  • Don’t forget to address the output difference between Unleashed Inferno and Sun King’s Blessing. Sunfury might reduce it, but people should not be forced to play a specific hero spec just to play one of the options in talent tree that they like more.

I was watching Alpha footage after the tree rework, and while I think it’s great that now there’ll likely be plenty of build variety for Fire, I think that Meteor is in a very awkward spot. Having Meteor and its subsequent capstones so far down the tree goes against the idea of giving us build variety to begin with if we ever want to play Frostfire considering the Meteor is a required talent to play the hero tree.

Making Meteor accessible earlier would be ideal to fixing this problem, especially now that there are a lot more good capstone talents.

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All the changes are pretty much flawless.

There is a pretty significant problem with one of the changes they have done recently.

And it’s about sun king’s blessing.

Don’t nerf the stacks, nerf the damage amp. And buff unleashed if needed.

Another improvement i can think of is to change ignite to be a normal passive, buffed by certain talents. And replace it with a new mastery that’s easier to work with.

I love Meteor, I hate the fact it not dropping on the target like its passive version. Like why do I have to move it meanwhile frost equivalent it a target and drop


I can’t remotely imagine not using an @cursor macro for FS/Meteor - am I seriously supposed to move this reticule repeatedly during my button mashing cooldown? That said, why in the world can we not opt to have it just be target based…much as I love Flamestriking a random tree branch above me.

If you’re going to give us the option of making blink absolutely terrible for unclear reasons that maybe 2 people in history ever asked for, can you give us @ target options too?


Some feedback about Fire including latest changes in alpha and feedback posted in general thread (for visibility and in correct thread):

  • I like that tree now has much bigger variety of talents and most talents are 1 point investments now. Something similar could be done for Frost and especially Arcane.
  • New Living Bomb does quite undertuned damage, including for Frostfire Frost spec, who cannot even boost its damage. As a result, Living Bomb’s damage should be buffed for Fire and Frostfire’s Excess Fire for Frost Mages should either have a much bigger modifier for Living Bomb or trigger some other spell now.
  • New Convection is a decent idea, but being a dead end talent that does not progress down the tree and is disconnected from related Living Bomb talent Focused Fury by a Mastery talent is not good. Consider moving it to a more connected spot and keeping it a pathing talent, for example putting it below Lit Fuse, making it accessible from it and connected to Flame Patch choice node as one of its prerequisite talents.
  • Scorch still does too low baseline damage that requires crazy modifiers both in execute phase and PVP to become competitive. Please buff its baseline damage and if needed reduce its PVP modifier and bonus from Down in Flames to compensate. It could be also nice if Scorch triggered and benefited from Pyrotechnics stacks for better synergies.
  • There was a significant increase of maintenance buffs for Fire even with pruning of Firemind. Maybe more need removed and Improved Scorch could be one of these - it just adds another layer of conditional maintenance buffs and could be just compensated with small increase to baseline damage of Fire spec.
  • With much more reliance on Phoenix Flames in rotation, maybe it is time to split Alexstrasza’s Fury and From the Ashes and make them separate talents or just make Phoenix Flames auto crit baseline. A choice between guaranteed crit for interaction with Hot Streak and Fevered Incantation and possibility to get enough Phoenix Flames charges to maintain the buffs like Charred Embers and Majesty of the Phoenix would feel bad.
  • In a similar fashion, choice node between longer Combustion (and also Arcane Phoenix uptime for Sunfury) and possibility to freely use your Fire Blast and Phoenix Flames charges with Spontaneous Combustion (a massive QoL feature) is not good. Consider turning them into separate talents or merging Improved Combustion into its baseline effect like you did for Arcane Surge.
  • Ashen Feather is a good idea, but its placement so far from other Phoenix Flames talents and with no connections from it to capstones makes it a very arguable pick. Please consider moving it into a more accessible and connected spot, for example in 2nd part of Fire tree below current position of choice node between Alexstrasza’s Fury and From the Ashes and with a connection to Fevered Incantation.
  • Hyperthermia is still not competitive enough, especially for Sunfury Fire Mages. Its current proc based design is badly compatible with both high Combustion uptime and Sunfury, so it could be changed - for example, it could become an active ability with X seconds CD, so that players could choose when to trigger it and avoid its proc countersynergies with SKB or Combustion.
  • Meteor is more accessible now, but its upgrade node is still not competitive enough, especially for AoE situations. To address that, Deep Impact could be buffed and become a choice node with some other talent that would boost Meteor for AoE situations. This alternative upgrade could include its CD reduction too to keep synergies with Frostfire.
  • Some of Fire’s PVP talents and modifiers could be looked at too - Greater Pyroblast still has too long cast time for its effect, Glass Cannon has too large health penalty for its effect after the last nerf, Flamecannon still has countersynergy with using Dragon’s Breath offensively where it falls off with enemy within 15 yds range while Dragon’s Breath range is 12 yards, Blazing Barrier likely does not need its 25% nerf in PVP anymore, Fiery Rush might no longer need its PVP nerf inherited from Shadowlands, Unleashed Inferno’s 67% PVP nerf is too large and could be reduced and so on.

Flamestrike seems very weak in Alpha. Unleashed Inferno only buffing it by 25% versus 50% compared to other single target spells as well as the cooldown reduction only being equivalent to those spells when hitting at least 5 targets needs to be looked at.

  • How about increasing all damage by 50% during Combustion with Unleashed Inferno? Including Living Bomb and Meteor. If those would be problematic, at least Flamestrike needs this bump in damage.
  • Ideally, I’d say the cooldown reduction should be maxed at 3 targets (1.25s even if it’s not divisible by 3)

When talking about cooldown reduction, how about the same treatment be given to Kindling? Kindling totally excludes Flamestrike, further slowing down this playstyle versus the ST rotation that relies on Ignite. It was really great that Scorch was included in this talent in 10.1.5 but including Flamestrike would be great too, even if given the same target count treatment, like 0.3 seconds for one target, 0.6 for two targets and 1 second for 3 targets.

I love that we’ve been given a choice against Flame Patch so we know don’t rely on tanks staying still for Flame Patch to do its thing. I’m only worried that the 25% damage increase might not be enough for it to be competitive, but I haven’t done the math so I might be wrong.

Phoenix Reborn doesn’t interact with Flamestrike, i.e. it doesn’t get stacks from being damaged by it, making it so it’s extremely difficult to generate stacks and make use of the free Phoenix Flames in AoE. Please consider making it interact with Flamestrike.

Majesty of the Phoenix seems like a very weak talent, especially the cast time reduction considering with hardly ever hardcast Flamestrike to begin with.