Fire Mage Dungeon Trash

I have the 2 pc set so far and struggling in between combustions when it comes to dungeon trash. My single target is good.
How do I go about evening out my damage on trash mobs when combustion is down?

Much thanks!

4pc really helps tbh. The faster cd regen on FB and PF means you will have them for a mini-bust via skb which smoothes things out. The other thing that really helps is getting into the +10 key range. Once you’re popping Urh and getting those CD’s back faster, it works a lot better.

But fire will always have the same issue in pugs which is that the tank is very unlikely to pull around your CD’s so it’s down to knowing which pulls are common and how you pace yourself through each dungeon (aka practice).

Fire’s two piece is garbo, like bad. Without the 4 piece, you wont see much difference then before.

thanks for the replies guys I appreciate it!

So I finally got the 4 piece but I’m confused how to get 8 Hot streaks per AOE. In PreHeats guide on Youtube he says just swap out Pyro for FLamestrike but Pyro is casted back to back a lot and this cannot be done with Flamestrike.
SO can someone please show me an example of getting 8 hot streaks AOE wise to lengthen my combustion on AOE targets or is this not how it’s done? Up until this point I’ve used the WOWHEAD AOE example which only nets you 5-6 hot streaks before running out of Fireblasts and Phoenix flames.

Again, any help much appreciated!