Fire buffs! Were back!

Fire cleave meta has arrived

Lol might consider keeping that frost grind alive a little longer. Those back to back frost buffs look pretty juicy. It looked pretty good when I played with you.

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Frost is heavily carried by ring of fire rn too which we all use even arcane.

Spell does a redic amount of damage paired with frozen orb and ice lance spam.

I’m also a terribad frost mage and its not my cup of tea usually. I tanked it 200 points trying the mitch jones mastery crap. Don’t even ask me how im like #65 on ladder as frost rn does no one play it?? I was like #23 before I messed around on it with the 1 shot meme stuff.

Wish I could just spam que fire and stop getting trolled by blizzard

I really don’t know. I only see a frost mage once in a blue moon. It’s normally arcane, and it’s very comp dependent. If they’re paired with another caster they feel pretty oppressive, but with a random melee it feels like they just end up kiting their own melee around to much for them to be able keep both dps on target at the same time.

Which it’s kind of one of those rules like MM hunter. I don’t want to chase a mage or hunter around, but if I don’t I 100% lose lol

Ya this is the complaint of every melee I feel like. If you stand still and facetank a melee for more then like 4 seconds its feels like a block usually though. Without cauterize frost feels liable to fall over dead to short amounts of uptime.

I don’t hate seeing mages though. Any non-immortal caster feels like I have a chance. I think if people stop playing DH so much and there are more lock/spriest to match mages are going to be quite a bit stronger in shuffle.

I wouldn’t worry about rating atm though lol. As soon as leaving started being abused I started bleeding rating FAST.
Ret is so lobby dependent. I go 3-3 a fair amount, but I have a ton of 6-0 or 0-6 games as well just based on comp. As soon as none of my 5-1 or 6-0 games were being counted and all of my 0-6 and 1-5 games were carrying my rating. I dropped from 2513 to some where around 1950. Bouncing back up to 2300 and hovering any where in between 2100 to 2300 at any given point.

Yeah, it’s almost kind of baffling to occasionally see a Mage get pancaked due to lack of caut safety net. :dracthyr_a1: Like, oh. He actually is dead. Poor feller.

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I don’t think everyone should have cauterize though, arcane would just ascend further.

Tbh I think mage as a class needs a ground up rework. So its fun to play and play against and figure out what they wanna do with it.

The constant aura buffs/nerfs and neglecting the talents/honor talents just make it a constant cycle of play the spec thats the most overtuned/broken and leave the rest to rot. I’ve met very few people that ever said “I love mage and everything about it is FUN!”

its only sees alot of play when its fotm toxic and even then no one says they actually enjoy it, thats rare to hear =/