Finish BFA / Lf SL guild

47(2-4) Lohitxd-Area 52 Guardian Druid Lf Horde Guild to try and finish BFA and move into SLs together. 3/12M Killed. 6/12M in Prog, have over 30 wipes on Hive Mind, Have 30 wipes on Shadhar, and around 20 on Xanesh.
Just looking for a chill community that enjoys hanging out and playing with each other and push to possibly get CE during SLs. I do plan on rolling my Druid during SLs.

Bnet: OG1God#1382
Discord: Lohi#8958

Come give the dojo a shot.

Hello! I am the acting GM of a horde guild on Turalyon called Sleepless Knights. We are a newer guild, with a lot of old school players who joined the BFA party late. Guild is about 3 months old, and has two AOTC groups. We plan to begin mythic this week, to get some practice in for players who have never had a shot at seeing fights at that difficulty before SL hits. We are VERY active despite it being the end of the xpac, and are trying to round out a solid roster. We have many mythic+ groups, a decent amount of PvP players, and all in all a very welcoming community. My bnet is Flexxin#1497, feel free to add me is you have any questions!

Hi Lohitnd,

We’re currently preparing for Shadowlands and looking for players like you’ve dipped their toes into mythic raiding and want to move into a CE-level environment as we move into the new expansion. We provide a provide a positive and productive raid environment that’s a great place to learn and develop as a player. You can find out more in our guild I linked. If you like what you read, drop us an application or reach out to me on bnet at Klik#1399