Finding the Shadowlands Support You Need

Finding the Shadowlands Support You Need

The path through the shattered veil and into the Shadowlands is opening on November 23. To make sure you’re prepared, we’ve put together a helpful support guide to for your journeys ahead.

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Might need help finding life support.

That’s a Sadge man

is this an addiction support group?


Blizzard passwords are case-insensitive. Capital letters do nothing.

They sacrifice account security to save bytes of storage data.

wee woo wee woo

Not true, stop mispread information

I just call it a life style so i can hide in my denial lol!

literally log in to the game with all lowercase letters and it works

Thank you!!

To access the in-game help section, open the Game Menu by clicking on the ! icon (or by pressing Escape on your keyboard by default) and click Help .

It’s not even called Help anymore… lol

Thank you.

Thought that said short guide. Now I want a gnome lecturing me on shadowlands stuff for some reason.

So you are adding a video game addiction hotline to the app🤔.

Whelp Blizzard apparently updated there “in game Help section” and it’s even worse and buggy interface than what we had before… Not to mention they gotten rid of suggestions which is extremely disappointing.

What’s most upsetting is I reached out to a game master about there being no suggestions menu and he directed me to the forums…Which you know has very little interaction by blizzard.

Sad days everyone.


But there’s a button at the top that says Submit feedback or bug report which takes you to a screen that lets you submit a suggestion. They just moved the button from the side to the top.