Finally, the Mage Tower nerfs are in!

Blizzard: “We hear you, nerfs are coming”
Also Blizzard: nerfs more helpful items and effects



and they continue to seed gathering nodes underneath terrain/scenery objects. Im beyond buying the “its to catch cheaters” explanation, its just sloppy quality control by now


That’s what PTR is for. Not for having your players test it a lot there and then when live, shadow buff everything so now they come and admit it is overtuned and most players lose a week.

This is a joke. I legit don’t like to be toxic but how can I take these people seriously with such things?


It’s almost like they had extensive feedback on the PTR forums that they outright ignored.


Which is crazy to think by the way. With the lawsuit and bad PR that Blizzard is going through right now, you’d think they’d be more self-aware that they’re no longer in a position of power to make people dislike the game even more. Other games like FF14 devs bend over back-wards for what players ask for.

Blizzard continues to show its contempt for the playerbase even when they’re in hot water and losing subs.


You do realize having those items didn’t make it autowin right? It wasn’t cheating or exploiting. It was using items with effects Blizzard had willingly put in.

No different than using Lightblood Potion on Agatha to burn the imps…

So no, it shouldn’t have taken priority. The moment Blizzard said:

They should’ve been tunneling that fix.


I imagine if they have a few onces of passion for the game left, we’ll get something before the weekend.

If we don’t, then we can all agree they just don’t give a damn anymore.

Heck, if they had any actual care for the game, Timewalking wouldn’t be a “once every long while” thing. It would be a weekly rotation, and Mage Tower could just be around forever. Costs them nothing.


I physically recoiled when they said it would only be back for two weeks.

Literally list me one reason why it would be a bad thing to just reimplement it and leave it there permanently so people could complete it at their leisure? I don’t even have time to complete it until my Christmas vacation, but I’ve got this tiny window to complete something that is currently overtuned by Blizzard’s own admission…


They finally figured it out with PvP Brawls, instead of having one every other week, they just rotate them weekly now.

Took them a while.

It makes it easy enough that I don’t see Fel Bear as a prestige award anymore. If someone uses having the Fel bear as proof they are good at the game I would laugh at them. The cheese setups allow people to never interact with both of the major mechanics of the fight (the aura stack dance in P1, and the tank buster 4th and 5th annihilates p2).

I’m not saying people can’t go out and do it, “exploit early exploit often”, I’m just saying from my point of view the challenge is sullied. Only you know if you did it honestly and that isn’t enough for something people are going to try to flaunt, lol.

The problem is the vast majority of players don’t see these looks and go ‘oh wow, you’re a really good player’ they go ‘dude, that’s awesome how do I get that’ and SOMETIMES that leads to ‘oh, they’re a good player’ but usually it leads to ‘why the hell is this so unfun to look cool?’


So exactly like in Legion.

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Or my favorite: “Oh I can’t get that look because it was removed? So is my sub.”


Classic Lizzard bait and switch. :rofl:


Well most times, you can think that even if you’re too bad to get it now, there’s always the possibility to get it later down the road like next tier or even expansion.

But with this fomo scaling bs, nope.


I just logged in for pretty much the first time since Tuesday to see if there’s still a lot of people trying.

No. Broken Shore is a ghost town. On one of the most populated servers in WoW.

Blizzard needs to take a step back and realize that this kind of content should not be for the 0.1% of people in the game that min/max everything possible.

This is timewalking content, specifically designed for casual players. This is not mythic raiding. This is not m+. Timewalking was quite literally designed for casual players to have something to do endgame.

There is a Feat of Strength for doing all 36 challenges.

Give them a Title. Like “Tower Terror” or something, for doing all 36. Leave THAT for the top 0.1%. But the mount? The fel bear? No.


They should rename GD to the “Hyperbole Forum”

Yep, I was doing Prot Paladin last night and it was a ghost town. Like 20 people around.

I really doubt the crowd that was there on Tuesday where you couldn’t even see the stairs on the tower all succeeded. At least if the chat in /say is anything to go by.


Any tips on that?

Might also rename the subreddit and in-game that too. Pretty united on that what you describe as “hyperbolic” front.

Broken Shore isn’t crowded on my server anymore. People there just saying they quit, it’s overtuned or it’s just not fun seems to be very common there.