Finally getting connected!

So following the annoucement that we’re getting more realm connections, I checked the realms already connected and saw that all of them are within the same data center/battlegroup/time zone. If they still follow those rules, here’s the realms Garona could be connected to:

Alexstrasza/Terokkar (medium)
Alleria/Khadgar (medium)
Blackhand/Galakrond (medium)
Dentarg/Whisperwind (high)
Hellscream/Zangarmarsh (full)
Illidan (full)
Kael’thas/Ghostlands (medium)
Ravencrest/Uldaman (medium)
Stormreaver (medium)

Place your bets, lol.

EDIT: They changed their rules. We’re getting connected to Icecrown/Malygos on August 13.

EDIT 2: Connection was postponed.

EDIT 3: It’s back on for the 20th!

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In before Garona doesn’t get connected.

Hey, don’t jinx it!
It’s one of the few realms showing as low pop on the realm select screen and they said they’re going to connect all the low pop realms so I’d be really surprised if it doesn’t get connected.

Yay. At this point when I see that someone doesn’t have an asterisk by they’re name, meaning their also from Garona, it’s a moment of excitement.

Please, Blizzard, do NOT MERGE GARONA WITH ILLIDAN. The realm cultures couldn’t be more different. I’m not joking or understating the matter. Historically Garonans often abandoned battlegrounds having very many Illidan toons regardless of which side. Player attitudes toward the game itself and toward how to treat other players is very different. Players that can afford to move toons to another server will do so, but I don’t think those of us who cannot would endure it for very long before giving up. Illidan is full anyway, so please merge us with a friendly, more lively realm, not hardcore and ruthless. Xrealms already dilutes our predominantly laid-back and mature player base with the more vitriolic and combative. I thought this issue an important one to whine and plead over before it’s too late. Thank you for paying attention.

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I tried to edit their --> they’re in the first sentence, but the save edit button doesn’t seem to apply anything. Alas, I’m publicly shamed by my own pet peeve.

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If raiding population is any indication, then based on figures available on ranking sites, Garona is at only 10% the active population it had at the beginning of WoD.

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Right? Everyone I see in Boralus is from Illidan or Hellscream. I was in a dungeon the other day and noticed halfway through that someone was from Garona and I was like OMG! That literally never happens anymore, lol.

From what I see so far, they’ve been connecting medium realms together, and even one medium cluster with a high cluster, so since Garona always shows as low pop, we’ll probably get connected with a high pop cluster, or several medium ones. So Dentarg/Whisperwind seems like a possibility, or Alleria/Khadgar + Kael’thas/Ghostlands or Stormreaver, but Stormreaver seems to be 99% horde so I’m not sure how helpful that would be, haha.

I’m hoping for Alleria/Khadgar for one of them cause the people seem nice from what I’ve seen.

TBH hopefully a high pop server or a group of servers. We need people.

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Welp, we’re getting connected to Icecrown/Malygos. Doesn’t seem like a huge boost in raiding guilds so hopefully we get connected to more later on.

It’s better than nothing i suppose. I’d bet we get more connections down the line.

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way to ruin it.

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I think just having more people able to join each others’ guilds and raiding groups more easily will make a big difference. Mythic raiding before xrealm enabling is really the only issue with that anyhow. Well, being able to trade things would be nice. Besides, it’s kinda nice to rank well on the realm even though it’s a social guild with semicasual raiding. :slight_smile:

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Very true! Also the auction house won’t be as dead.

So uh… is this a thing that didn’t end up happening? or just not yet? I logged on to see but didn’t really notice much of a difference if any at all.

It did happen today. Garona is marked as high pop!