<Final Sin> Horde, 3/10 Heroic - LFM

Hello Kilrogg & Winterhoof.

Final Sin is a semi-serious raiding guild, currently 3/10 Heroic. We try not to take things too serious, but do ask that you are at the very least prepared, and able to perform at a consistently average to above-average level with your chosen class/spec. We are trying to at the very least get AOTC, and possibly dabbling in Mythic.

We have active M+ Pushers, and very active PVP players as well, both groups would love to have more guildmates to play with. We are extremely interested in having an active Rated PVP/Arena team.

We also hold monthly events for the guild, ranging from a monthly, themed transmog competition, tonk wars, and short term memory battles in a random location. Community is important to us, and keeping that spirit alive is what makes the game enjoyable during downtime.

The atmosphere for the guild is very laid back, and is a friendly, mature (in both mentality and silliness) environment. We have people that are very knowledgeable with the game, always willing to give advice or help. Raids tend to be laid back, we do not call people out publicly. The current raid group is extremely cohesive, and everyone gets along great.

Raid Times
Tuesday and Thursday
4:30PM - 7:30PM PST

Optional Alt Raid
6pm - whenever PST

Current raid needs:
Healers: Disc Priest, Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman
Tanks: Currently full
Melee: Monk, Rogue, Shaman
Ranged: Mage, Shadow Priest

If you are interested in joining our fantastic little community, please feel free to whisper one of the following characters in game, or on discord.

GM: Jazun



Six / Seithe


Incredible! I’ll message that Amoomoo guy, he seems witty, kind, and handsome!

wow amazing, count me in

I’m so happy I joined! My supercool io score is at 45,000 and I have a 69420 ilvl. Nice!

Supercool io score keeps going up! This is the best guild ever!

5/7 Guild, would join again. But I won’t have to cause I’m not leaving cause the guild is 5/7… but I said that al-…Is gud

Kilrogg…Winterhoof…is anyone out there?

Run. These guys like to actually play the game. Run as fast as you can.

Hark is a scrub!