<Filthy Friends> searching for M+ friendos

Hey fellas, thanks for reading!

Right now we are a group of dudes and at least one grill doing around a few +10 a night looking for more people to join up and make our way into heroic BoD again. Most of us have some exp in regular heroic Uldir/BoD. Personally between alts and my main Im sitting at 9/9 regular and 6/9 heroic and Ive been playing for 14 years now! A lot of us are returning players and are looking to start a guild rather than join one. Definitely looking for another tank or two, same with healers. All dps are welcome as we are into doing low keys to help people gear up! Definitely a good place for returning llayers and newbs who are looking to learn a little bit. Also, we dont use those doofus mass invite macros either so we got that going for us.

If you would like to play some dungeons or raid with us go ahead and hit me up at zuperdrood#1142 or anyone online at .

Thanks, and have a nice day.