Fiendish Leather question

On this character (Marlita, Aerie Peak) I’m trying to learn Legion’s Fiendish Leather skinning. I’m able to kill animals on Argus and collect (skin) Fiendish Leather but in my Skinning Journal the Fiendish Leather is under “Unlearned”.

  1. I went to the skinning trainer in Dalaran and he has nothing to teach me.
  2. I spent a couple hours on Argus skinning animals hoping I would “learn” Fiendish Leather by skinning stuff but nope.
  3. I’ve read a dozen posts on Wowhead from ALL years about Fiendish Leather and how to “learn” the skill but I’m more confused than ever since the rules regarding Legion professions seem to have changed over the years?

Can anyone give me guidance on how to go about learning Fiendish Leather skinning in 2024?

Just in case its important - my skinning journal for Legion shows:

  • Learned: Felhide, Butchery, Stonescale Leather, Stormscale, Unbroken Claw, Unbroken Tooth

  • Unlearned: Felhide Lether, Legion Gutting

Many thanks for any help :smiley: :pray:

Looks like acquiring the skill is locked behind unlocking Argus, although I can’t imagine how you would get there if you hadn’t done that. But you also have to unlock a side quest zone in Krokun.

After that, you’re supposed to get a quest starter item that allows you to learn Rank 1 of that skinning skill.

Check out the comments. I think they cover the hidden requirements.

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Thank you so much for finding this! Hopefully this will get me started in the right direction.

For others looking for this information and don’t have access to Wowhead, this is what the original poster says regarding the path to learning the Fiendish Leather skill in Legion (I’ll post my updates):

For anyone who’s trying to get this on an alt and is confused by other comments since world quests are unlocked by default, here is what you actually need to do:

  1. Complete “Uniting the Islesf” quest rom Khadgar the Violet Citadel in Legion Dalaran.

  2. Accept “Armies of Legionfall” quest from Khadgar at the landing spot in Legion Dalaran. Skip the scenario and return to Dalaran.

  3. Accept “The Hand of Fate” quest from Khadgar at the Violet Citadel in Legion Dalaran. Do the entire questchain up until you complete “The Burning Heart”. This can be really annoying, since you’re looking at about 30 quests in total. You know you’re done when the quest reward are Krokuun World Quests. Unfortunately this is required, even if you already have world quests unlocked from your main.

  4. Start skinning mobs on Argus. I recommend Duskcloak panthers around 72, 70 in Krokuun. The respawn is pretty much instant, so you can keep grinding. The quest item should drop after just a few mobs. Turn it in and you’ll have unlocked rank 1.

  5. To get ranks 2 and 3, repeat the step from above. You do not have to do any additional quests and can keep skinning mobs. I got the second item after ~100 mobs and the third after ~1000. The drop rates are really low, so expect to spend quite some time. But I can confirm 100% that you do not have to do anything else (besides turn in the previous item).

Update This is what I did…

Went to Khadger in Dalaran and he gave quest “The hand of fate” and did the following quests:

The hand of fate

Two if by sea

Light’s exodus

The vindicaar (at the end you’re port’d to the ship)

Into The Night (you’re teleported to Argus)

Alone in the Abyss (you’re taken to the surface)

Righteous Fury

*** Then I hit a wall *** The NPC’s on the ground are no longer giving quests, not sure where to go, absolutely no direction that I can find. This venture is a total waste of time IMO**

That’s the first comment, and I think it covers 90% of the unlock. But there’s a later comment that seems to have another piece of the puzzle:

The developers were really big on quest completion back in Legion, so I would not be shocked if they locked lots of stuff behind completing unrelated quests in the zones.

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My characters who have never been to Argus before have the teleport pad available in Dalaran. They also have world quests visible in all zones. I recall i used to have to do the insanely annoying and slow scenario where you kill demons in the Exodar to start your journey into Argus, but even now doing the questline seems to skip over that section on alts. I’m thinking maybe when they added the Eredar customization questline they opened up access to the zone more readily because I used to have to do the long questline not that long ago, and world quests would not be unlocked on alts like they are now. I think most comments are going to be outdated given these changes.

With nothing unlocked I was able to directly pick up the Argus Roper questline to unlock the petrified forest world quests, but the NPC was phased and I was unable to turn in Woah Nelly until I went back and did the Hand of Fate, Two if by Sea, Light’s Exodus, the Vindicaar, Into the Night, Alone in the Abyss, Righteous Fury, Overwhelming Power, A Stranger’s Plea, Vengeance, Signs of Resistance, and the Prophet’s Gambit. So if that section is even required, that’s all you’d need. I don’t even have any world quests showing that area, there so it’s possible they were already unlocked without doing that quest given that so many other things were unlocked already.

Also it makes sense you are able to get fiendish leather without the profession learned in the book because the ranks just allow you to gather it “more efficiently.” I recall having really bad RNG getting some of the drops for legion professions and you could not learn anything like that directly from the trainer. You may just be looking at a terrible drop rate.

Editing to add: I do not have fiendish leather ranked on my skinner, but I have not spent much time skinning on Argus on that character so I can’t speak to that specific drop rate.

Edit 2: reading your post again, looks like you didn’t pick up the A stranger’s plea or Overwhelming Power quests that should be done at the same time as Righteous Fury.