FFXIV more popular than WoW , but can't see why

So what are everyone thoughts on FFXIV? Most of my friends and guildies moved to it, currently I’m a low level and I don’t see the hype, but everyone is telling me to continue and that it gets better at a higher level.


Lower levels make it difficult to see what’s appealing about FFXIV.

Combat-wise, FFXIV’s GCD is 2.5 seconds which is far longer than WoW’s. That makes low level combat feel slow. As you level up you get a number of abilities off the global cooldown which then get woven in between your globals so you have more active combat.

Story-wise, at low levels you’re only seeing the beginning of the groundwork that leads to you being the Warrior of Light. The humble beginnings are just that… humble. And the heavy story focus is pervasive from level 1 to max. If you are the type of player who thinks the game doesn’t start getting “fun” till max level and try to rush through the story to get there, you’re going to have a bad time.

The main story is the bread and butter of FFXIV. If you don’t enjoy story heavy games, FFXIV is probably a bad fit for you, especially considering that the main story quests are required to access pretty much anything and everything of consequence from dungeons to endgame.


It’s okay. Not a bad game by any means, but I can’t stand the zoning ala Guild Wars 1 (can’t remember if 2 kept that system) and it’s just way too anime for me.

Nothing makes an MMO feel less massive than having to load each individual zone. At that point all I can think is lobby based RPG.


The story doesn’t blow, the art and music are great, and the combat is fun past the first few levels.

It also isn’t developed by Activision-Blizzard, who cannot understand competent game design.


It’s a fun game but has the most garbage community of any MMO I’ve ever played. And I’ve played a bunch.

If you play the meta and don’t try and have an opinion of your own, you’ll succeed.


You’re talking about ff14, and not WoW? Or did you perhaps get the two confused?


No, I’m talking about FFXIV. Then again, I’ve played since the start. Those who are still in the “new and shiny” stage will not agree.


Do you main DRK or SAM or something? LOL.

That said, I think their healer design is trash and since I main healers I prefer WoW. Overall it’s an okay game though; hope the new expac shakes things up a bit.

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No idea. If I played that game I would most likely be on those forums. Not the Warcraft ones.


No, played Sam though. You’re right about healers.

By and large, WoW is more toxic, but go off I guess.


Man, I wish. I know 2 MMOs that are more toxic than WoW. Not a driving factor though.

These forums are basically demi-4chan, the community in game act like a bunch of vile neckbeards, the meta is god, and to prove it nonsense like raiderIO exists and is followed nigh-religiously by carry-hungry slackjaws.

Yeah, no. No you don’t.


My experience with FFXIV is a little mixed, only because I think WoW has spoiled me so much I have no idea where to go next. My character is basically stuck at level 14 with nowhere to go, I restarted again to see maybe I missed something but again got stuck at level 14 with no quests telling me where to go next, so that’s as far as I gotten with that game.

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its very very good, but for a long term mmo it gets stale fast


Yes, yes I do.

Your turn?

I’m sorry you’re so bitter about this game. Why are you still playing?


I like what FF14 has to offer

Flight, yes there are attunements, yes there is a lot to do to gain flight…but no arbitrary timegate.


Things that I personally find appealing about FFXIV:

  1. Aesthetics - The graphics are beautiful and the artstyle is pleasing to me.
  2. Story - I enjoy the story and find it immersive and interesting. The NPC’s are memorable to me and I am always looking forward to what’s next in the story.
  3. Crafting - Crafting jobs in FFXIV play similarly to combat classes with “rotations” and “abilities” that you must use intelligently to craft items at high quality.
  4. Player Housing - I own my home on beachfront property in FFXIV. It’s gorgeous and the housing system, while having some flaws, is still fun to engage in and is integrated well with the Crafting system.
  5. All In One - I can level every job on the same character. It’s great when you want to try something new or you find one job more suited to your playstyle than another for a specific activity.
  6. Glamour - While FFXIV’s version of transmog has its issues, its not a bad system and you can put together some nice outfits.
  7. Flying - FFXIV handles flying mounts in a better way than WoW does but has an easier time doing so due to the fact that each zone is self contained.
  8. Endgame - FFXIV has raid content but its not the only way to get good gear. Crafting and other activities can all provide gear nearly as good.

Ultimately I enjoy the gameplay, and the look of the game!


I’m not still playing.

I don’t need a turn, you’ve no evidence to the contrary.

Hi. These are the wow forums. You’re looking for the final fantasy forums, if they exist. Also, there’s no proof that anything is more popular than anything, so don’t say that.