FFXIV is going free to play up to level 60

While I’m still getting bored at around level 15 from how freaking slow the game paces, maybe I’ll get further after the update or not, I can’t keep my interest in it for too long.


Huge…I see what they did there.

Also, it’s a good game. Even if you don’t stick with it, it’s entirely worth it as a single player experience up until the completion of the 5.0 Shadowbringer’s storyline.

I thought it was an awesome move when I first saw it and it makes sense. Being able to finish Heavensward could easily draw more people to the game. You have to enjoy a good story to enjoy FFXIV, that is what it is all about and damn the story is good. Hopefully they can gather an even bigger fan base with this generous change. It’s such a good game and people should give it a chance, aka get to at least level 30 and see if they like where the game is headed. Heavensward is an even better experience.

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