Few questions concerning Balance of Power quest line:

My LF Draenei Paladin is on Lost Knowledge part of the questline, which needs me to be revered with Nightfallen to buy a scroll from the faction. This is not an issue, I can probably get to revered by tomorrow I think, as I am already half way through Honored from doing a few quests today.

Is there enough time to complete the quest line before the prepatch (supposedly) releases? I completely forgot about the questline up to this point, and I may wonder if I have to continue it when Shadowlands launches because there’s talk about how scaling is currently a little wonky in the Prepatch PTR.

Is the appearances account wide? When 9.0.1 launches I plan to roll a Draenei Paladin to use instead of Lightforged Draenei because of the new tail length, or would I have to do the quest line on each Paladin I make?

As far as getting it done goes, it’s going to depend on luck (and when the pre-patch actually drops.) Because the Nighthold drops are RNG, it can take 2-3 lockouts to get all the needed items. At least now you get the kill Gul’dan quest at the same time as the drop quest — so you can definitely do that one before pre-patch. If there are scaling issues with soloing after pre-patch, it might not be as bad on the earlier bosses.

As for the unlocks, they are account wide for the class, so you only need to do it once per class.

Alright, good to know. Thanks.

Is it true that I am eligible only once per boss, regardless of the difficulty when it comes to Nightshard drops?

Unfortunately, procrastination got the better of me, and I am only now on the last stages of the quest line.

I already did Nighthold on Normal, got 6 Nightshards. So I can’t get anymore Nightshards if I do Nighthold again on Heroic or higher?

Sadly, you can only get them once per boss per week across all difficulties. So, once you’ve done one difficulty, you’re done for the week. (As far as I could tell, difficulty didn’t affect the number of shards, so it shouldn’t matter which difficulty you do it on.)

Aside from dropping shard directly, you can sometimes get a Nightshard Curio which you can open for some shards. (I think 1-3). So, don’t forget to check your inventory for them.