Feral tank looking for fresh start

Due to personal reasons I am looking to switch servers.

I am an ALLIANCE feral druid tank - very geared. Full bis (accuria, boots of the shadow flame, dft) easily hit armor cap and exceed 11k hp (and flask) w world buffs which i get every raid.

Also pretty involved in pvp - exalted w/ WSG (have forrest stalkers bracers) and was involved w killing a world dragon Ysondre (got bracers from that too).

I am on the main raid team and am the 2nd tank so I am willing/able to step in to that role immediately. I can even main tank the bosses (except nef due to druid class call). Have tanked chromag, 3 drakes, usually I handle the spellbinders on lab packs. Broodlord can’t kill me.

Gearing desires are minimal I want Circle of Applied Force and Quick Strike Strike ring for threat. Also bracers of stability for threat. Cloak of Firemaw too but I wouldnt take that over a dps.

My schedule is flexible can raid anytime on weekends. And can raid weeknights 6pm - 12am est.

Best way to speak to me is add me on my blizzard id and message me from there. Account name is Oclampmyperl#1786