Feral druids needs some milk (pvp)

I come to find that feral in pvp well atleast in 2’s and solo are punching bags.
Defensives and healing is trash, mobility became mediocre like everything can catch you now, and damage is just terrible . this spec has nothing going for it but stuns and clones and that’s if u don’t die on opener, lol were like the chopper of the group, but idk whats your opinion.


Are you sure damage is terrible? It can pretty consistently be like this.

Besides, ferals are almost unkillable when they rotate with healers and have a hybrid as their third for 3s. Bear form is also pretty insane.

Git gud situation here.

Posting damage meters against pet specs and cleaves (especially UH DK) while playing aoe build is a little disingenuous to the strength of the spec…but yes I agree that the success or failure of a feral is largely in the pilot’s hands.

The discrepancy between a bad and good feral is massive compared that of, say, ret or BM hunter.


That was a pure single target build, no primal wrath or anything from that particular game. Not a fan of the primal wrath build in the slightest, even if it’s correct in situations.

There’s a ton more recent games where the average DPS playing 2 rake cleave on 2 melee is about 62k, and single targets averaging 45-52k.

Feral has crazy high DPS right now, it only lacks when you fail to press bear form.

Press bear form
Damage goes to zero

Can’t have both

Defensive utility is where I find the gap. Survival Instincts needs some TLC as the worst defensive, even compared with Astral Shift, and factoring for uptime.

Especially since devs inconvenience Ferals by forcing it into their build paths.

Yea feral dam is pretty insane when you have incarn up or land clones problem is your gear is trash your missing like 40% mastery and the crafted boots etc.

But yes we are very squish for the most part pre bear / walling or kiting a go is win or lose alot of times. You also have to be comfortable with getting trained and still trying to land clones or your damage will be significantly lower which is bad because were a momentum spec and thats how we win alot of games.

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