Feral Druids in PVP

So i have never really played Feral Druid that much in my time playing WOW, i did see the new models for druid coming in patch 10.2 and i am really thinking of giving them a try. If you play feral druid in pvp what are you opinions on them? What are their main roles in Random BGs’ and Rated BGs’?

I have strong negative opinions about being a feral druid in pvp. As I try to climb the rankings I feel like not only is my damage not enough, but my survability is not enough. If you get focused prepared to be in bear form more than cat. Feral is in a very poor spot right now for pvp. Restoration would be the best bet if you plan on druid pvping. Boomkin is ok, its slightly doing better than feral but not in an amazing spot either.
I have seen some good guardian druids in arena’s.


Recently picked up Feral myself. I really enjoy the spec even though it’s had it’s issues. Haven’t done rated yet, but I will say that the bulk of my random BGs has been as a support role. Stay with the group, stealth, stun, etc.

As Notoriouself put, the damage isn’t as great as some of the other classes and they can definitely be squishy.

Super fun if you’re with a good group, IMO.

It’s basically a support role. Throw offheals, stun, throw out cyclones if you can etc.

It’s a jack of all trades class that specializes in nothing besides spamming cyclone. Every other dot class does more damage with their dots, and every combo point generator/spender class does more damage with those aswell.

For example, Ret paladin my main, I’m doing 100k+ with my generators like judgement and hammer, ranged, very low CD, no cost abilities. 200K+ with the spenders. Feral is doing not even a fraction of that on either the generator or the spenders.

Feral is also very squishy and gets trained, be prepared to go bear form most of the time.

But they are speedy, can shapeshift out of snares, and can throw offheals/CC like crazy. And they are incredibly fun despite having lackluster damage. Shrug

Feral is probably one of the hardest and squishiest melee to jump into. You really need to make good use of your mobility and many ferals end up getting boomy talents in the druid tree just to pick up astral influence for increased range - especially with playing primal wrath aoe spec.

If you can make good use of the Wild Attunement PVP talent and get off clones you’ll do great damage, otherwise you aren’t doing much when incarn isn’t up.

All that said, it is still the melee I keep coming back to. I’ve played sub, ret, WW, all at decent rating and end up getting bored of those after a while. You’ll probably get absolutely railed and mauled more as a feral than those other classes, and damage is harder to get off than those other classes as well, but when it clicks it feels real good. You’re not a brawler, and you don’t have the same strength of defensive CDs that other melee have either(no immunities, no damage reflect, etc. Hell, your self healing is even less than other melee dps at the moment :confused: ). You really need to be good about getting in and out of the fight to live.


No, you’re not. This is exactly why devs don’t listen to the forums, it’s full of hyperbole and made up stats to try and support a point.

Hate to break it to you, but you are wrong. If you ARENT doing that on your ret, then you are geared wrong. Judgements hit 70-100k, hammers hit around the same, and templars easily hits for 200k, not even counting for the free divine storm it procs.

If you AREN’T doing that kind of damage on Ret, then you are doing something wrong. Ret is a steamrolling machine. That is why i main it. That is why i know how hard it hits. Do not tell me what i do on my own character, because you aren’t the one playing it. Get over yourself.

You can continue to lie, but it just makes you look bad. Inside wings, sure, but outside of it no you aren’t. Your normal generators are not chunking people for 1/4th or 1/5th of their health.

While the skull cap for Feral is kind of high, it’s extremely good. Strong damage and utility. Can be a little squishy, so learning to survive is important.

For an idea statistically how they are doing check out subcreation. They are currently listed as S tier.

When you first start playing feral you might get a little frustrated, but it can become very very rewarding with some practice.

“Inside wings, sure” “You continue to lie”. You literally proved my argument, and then still call me a liar in the same sentence. I don’t know what drugs you are on, but i need some.

Point proven, Mic Dropped and no further responses will be given to you as my point has been proven. Go away troll, you bother me.

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Hardest thing about playing feral in is knowing when to stay in and knowing when to kite. And these days kiting is kinda meh because every man and his dog has an infinite amount of gap closers, thus the only real good comp for feral is either with a ranged caster ( because if you let the caster free cast you die ) or with an Aug (the only class that can keep the feral alive to do damage)

Feral is super squishy and literally the worst garbage self heals in the game currently. Feral is not really support, it’s a glass cannon with peels.

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I only play battlegrounds so this may not apply to arena:
Feral Druid is a very fun spec to play for me, but harder than most others and has some drawbacks.

  • Our defensive cooldowns don’t feel that impactful. Bear form is great but takes away all your damage. Barkskin is barely noticed but nice to hit if you get stunned. All we really have is survival instincts on a 3 minute cooldown and that only helps if you have someone to actually heal you.
  • Our self healing is very poor with regrowths doing about 5% of our health per cast. However it is essentially free healing and we can use it on others without losing any damage if used with instant proc while waiting for energy. Still very poor compared to pretty much any other spec. And sadly this also means feral isn’t very good at spamming heals on someone to keep them alive, at 5% per cast you just can’t do much.
  • While Ferals are very fast, many other classes have multiple gap closers making it hard to actually kite anyone.
  • Our damage is harder to apply than other specs. Because Ferals use a priority system combined with energy and combo points, you really have a lot more to keep track of. Playing other specs will be a lot simpler and depending on what you prefer, more fun.
  • Squishy especially if you’re caught in a stun while outside bear form.

The parts I like:

  • We have strong CC between multiple stuns, roots, cyclone, and knockbacks and a built in slow.
  • Feral can move very fast and if you take the right talents can maintain 200% run speed. The ability to remove slows and roots at will is fun but incurs an extra global cooldown to do. There’s not many specs that can escape from you, and even those that can won’t if you have either of your speed cooldowns up. Nothing can outrun a feral druid in combat using stampeding roar and shifting between cat and travel form.
  • Stealth + track humanoids means nothing can sneak up on you and you can sneak up on everyone.
  • Rogues can’t remove bleeds (usually).
  • We do have consistent self healing, weak as it is.
  • There is nothing quite like locking down the enemy healer with multiple stuns and cyclones. Talking random battlegrounds here where they might not be paying attention to their healer.
  • Not boring to play.

I’ll stop, as soon as you point out in your original post where you mentioned your generators were hitting that hard when you popped wings… go on, I’ll wait. Or you can save yourself the added embarrassment, we all know you were trying to claim your “low cd” generators did that kind of damage all of the time, which is a lie, and you were lying.

100k hits from ret paladins is not out of the ordinary.

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On generators outside of wings yes, it is. Don’t be daft.

I don’t have a level 70 paladin to check right now, but one of their normal ranged attacks hits for around 40-50k non-crit, during season 1. I assume in season 2 a fully conquest geared ret paladin could hit for 100k.
Otherwise I guess every paladin I fight always has wings. :smiley:

Man I wish I hit as hard as y’all claim we do.

Feral could really stand to get some passive defensive options though tbh.


The reson why feral is so dependant on certain comps to be decent in pvp is because feral needs other classes/specs to make msot of the game happen while they are CYCLONE BOTS with some dmg on the side.

Same for balance…the main reason balance gets to do decent dmg in pvp is because their dmg is so low comapred to other targets that the enemy will focus the other targets in roder to shut them down while balancedruid freecasts.

If you want to be a solid contributor to your pvp team the only druid spec that exists is resto…if healing is not your thing play any other class!

Feral is very strong in PvP in the right hands, but very unfriendly for someone less experienced in PvP or someone that hasn’t played Druid in general. Getting used to the shapeshifting system, doing optimal damage, trying to survive (ferals are extremely squishy), understanding when and when not to go for cyclones, is a lot to min max.

The main role of Feral in BGs nowadays is being in the team fight because ferals have some of the best aoe damage in PvP right now (it’s pretty common for a feral to be top damage in bgs). They’re okay for objectives since you have stealth, cyclone, and solid 1v1 potential but rogues are usually the better fit for objective play.

It’s hard to recommend feral to people over something more straightforward like unholy dk, ret paladin, or windwalker monk due to all the intricacies Druids have.

If you’ve played other Druid specs before, then I’d say give feral a shot. Or even if you just think feral looks cool/fun then go for it.


Feral is only strong in the hands of those who played feral and nothing else for 10+ years…and with their group of friends who knows exactly how to keep the feral safe.

Feral is hardly ever seen in bg’s at all…and the amount of times they top the dmg in bg’s of any sort…happens a couple of times per patch.

White knighting a spec that is failing wont help bring the devs attention to its problems!