Feral Druid Update

To be honest I’m completely blown away by this, I thought you guys were doing a complete hands-off approach regardless of feedback. Thank you for making this change!

I hope this follows over into the honor concerns we have


Blizz is likely waiting to see how many people dip out on June 29th before they make sweeping changes to anything with regard to population imbalance, whether that’s server xfrs or strategic battle group implementation.

No idea about honor though as it is accurate currently


From reading the whole post it sounds like it’s only supposed to affect feral cat druids.


So since you are now “embracing” PowerShifting, does this mean that you will add an updated Head Item so we can use an appropriate iLVL item?!?!?

The wolfs helm is great, but maybe you could just add this to the Tier set or something instead? Or just add another item we could use that is iLVL appropriate?

I 100% appreciate you guys doing this, it will make it more consistent again. But this feels like your only fixing a small portion of the problem. Thank you again though!


Thank you for listening to the players!


Oh yes, lets turn this thread into “add my warlords of draenor changes into TBC to sate my short term honor needs” derailment.



No, embrace how good the item is.

It’s one of the best items in the game for any class and you should cherish it.


Am I the only one who finds the fact that our BiS helm is some POS 45 crafted helm? When are we gonna talk about that?

(That I refuse to use, although I should)

That helm was stlil BiS in 2.2, and was even required in some PVP and most solo play for maximum dps. Now with this reversion to pre-2.2 energy behavior, the head is pretty much only BiS in group PVE content such as raids. I’m really happy to use other helmets in pvp and questing/farming now.


I wasn’t even aware that was the case.

looks it up

Wow… they don’t even have any optional helms listed on the feral dps bis list on wowhead.

While I agree. We should have other options that have the “you get 20 extra energy” type of affects that have actual stats we can use at max level. This would go towards us being more competitive.


really, bro?

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2 weeks later(spongebob narrator voice)

“Blizz we demand that you update the wolf helm thing!!!”

claws come out

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Which, don’t get me wrong, I am STOKED about the change, but I primarily raid. I am an OT for my guild, so that means many fights i am DPSing, so i looked up what the BiS is for PVE feral. Sure as s***, its still that helm. just kinda depressing. lol

Oh come on…

What? This is a discussion. Contribute more if you’d like to be a part of it and not just a troll.

According to this blue post it was never Blizzard’s intention to nerf powershifting, but it definitely wasn’t their intention to buff it either. This announcement reflects the design intent of 2007, but what you’re suggesting doesn’t.
Look I’m a cat main so I’d love a +20 Energy meta gem or something, but it’s unrealistic. I for one am just really happy that they finally fixed a bug from 2007 that went untouched.


Or just nerf the helm. lol, idc. :slight_smile: haha Put a level cap on the ability of 60. haha

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I am a little confused why you’re against this. We are the only class that has to rely on a lvl 40 item as Bis and have zero other options. That seems really broke from a balance stand point when all other DPS classes have multiple helm options.

I assume you don’t main a feral druid or you wouldn’t be like that :frowning:

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I mean, tbf, bis for feral dps in vanilla was a lvl 35 mace from gnomer.