Feral Druid Transmog Appearance Suggestion

Hello as for many feral druids we love our various cat forms that we now have access to, but we enjoy our transmogs as well. Something that has always been an issue when transmogging this xpac are the daggers that the forms are bound to. For example if you’re trying to run a red transmog but the cat form you want is tied to the green daggers then the daggers dont match your mog. Would it be possible to seperate the forms from dagger appearance as to better accommodate druid transmogs? Oh and for guardian can we shealth the fist weapons when just walking around? It seems silly that monks and other classes that can use fist weapons can put there weapons away like other classes but guardian druids can not.

That’s what they are going to be doing for SL~ You will need to have unlocked the appearance first then they will all be available at the barber.

They aren’t tied to anything anymore, not even hair colour, just whatever you like best!


It would only make sense to have the appearances unlocked. Interesting that the forms will be tied to the barber. But that does make for easy transmogs. Do they have an official post about there new mog system? I may have missed it if there was one.

i never understood big fist weapons. they seem very clunky to hold on your waist and unaccsessable from the back.

to my knowledge they haven’t yet. wowhead did a great piece on it tho.


I know Umbral gave you a link but heres the official announcement from the forums too!

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Thanks for sharing the link. As for fist weapons I know atleast on my monk that when I put them away they are hidden. So I figured why not do that for Guardian Druids as they have to have them out all the time.