Feral druid sucks in pvp

The video that ranks them as D is because its a low mmr potato list where there is an inability to play the spec optimally due to its higher skill floor

In small arena fights of 3v3 feral is solid. Outside that “esport” environment where there are moderately sized groups of players fighting it out, Feral is one of the worst specs in the game. Everything can easily unstealth you from a mile away. And should you get lucky enough to attack someone in one of those large groups, your kitty graphic will make you stand out and everyone will quickly retarget you until promptly dead.

And in BG blitz, all those see through stealth orbs only make matters worse because much of your damage comes from opening from stealth.

So no, feral is not A tier outside arena.

Most people don’t know how to play with ferals

They can create kill windows out of thin air and when paired w destro or fire, you are getting CDs or a kill


Did rbg with feral running cleave build and he did 100+ million dam every game.

What forums are u on rn?

feral is utterly insane now come tuesday with that buff. That healing increase with our damage increase to plate wearers which will be PAPER to our bites now. Cloth still isn’t going to be anything to us. This is a feral druid season. Tuesday I’m coming back to secure my glad.

Majority of feral damage is OUTSIDE of stealth. Stealth is only for the rake stun.

Sir this is a wendys

I can’t tell if you’re being facetious.

I’m moderately excited for slightly reduced EHP on plate wearers vs physical damage. Probably won’t notice a difference with HP going up about as much as defenses are going down. Maybe help with OOMing healers with more effective damage if the game goes late? Increased EHP from health and armor bonuses on cloth will probably hurt.

Really looking to see if increased HP combined with the slight Frenzied Regeneration un-nerf will make Feral not so flimsy. Thinking about actually investing in Well Honed Instincts. Ursine Vigor might even make sense. I haven’t liked them so far though.

Bear form as a defensive probably still won’t feel good, but maybe it won’t feel quite as bad to do 0 DPS if it provides meaningful survivability vs staying on the offensive. I’ll probably still be looking to see that 0.626 go to a 1 again though…

Feral I think will still be bottom half of melee, but seemingly in a markedly better spot than before.

Certainly the few comps like FMP Feral has done well with are strictly getting better. Disappointed I don’t personally have that luxury of a comp. :cry:

feral dev rdruid/hpal and feral destro hpal are also insane

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im excited to try this. been gone for a few weeks wouldnt have thought of that

yea i played it last week and went on a 14 game winstreak lol

Yeah unfortunately my 3v3 team is locked and IRL - DK Disc Priest.

I do see arena logs of this comp above 2100 but I don’t think we have a chance in hell of getting there.

I have plenty of alts and looking to reroll into something functional when conquest uncaps. Devastation for me looking like the most promising thing to gear as the DK is Frost at heart.

I’ll still try to play the Feral a bit though because I just think it’s neat.

after hpriest buff ur priest goes holy and dk goes frost and u just cheese people with dk 1 shot in double blind pillar of frost feral frenzy while priest cross ccs the third target and then chains of ice and run inbetween ur go.

Could get gladiator just doing that.

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Is there an hpriest buff inc???
I love playing my hpriest o.O

Honestly thanks for the thought. I never really thought about it that way but it makes sense to combine Feral burst with Frost DK timings. I feel I’ve done best as Feral with setups rather than sustained damage.

Priest is staunchly Disc no matter what, but we have gotten him to play Holy once before in Shadowlands. He doesn’t like the play style for some reason though. I definitely prefer Holy to Disc playing it myself.

Maybe Disc still works to provide Dark Arch for even bigger 1 minute burst goes though, even if the CC isn’t as reliable or strong.

still good cuz he has dark arc for every go. Dk grip double blinds----> You stun clone off target-----> u both pop badge priest presses dark arc then pillar of frost feral frenzy and delete them

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that is because he is a trashcan at the moment

Haha not even close to being good. Just mediocre borderline bad.

Well it looks like we’d prefer for you to heal in arenas or flag carry in rbgs…

but I do think feral should get 2 charges of survival instincts and incarn should make you immune to cc, but for feral only… so maybe THEY can be the flag carriers instead of guardian.

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