Feral druid pvp discussion

So overall I’m pleased with how dragon flight has treated us. However two things still need to be done. Give us clone baseline, I can’t see any reasons of why we don’t. I know I’m going to get some hate for my second reason due to our past but we need stronger heals. Nothing crazy but with a full mana bar we can heal 20% of our hp. This just shouldn’t be the case, we should at least heal 50% of our hp with a full mana bar. I would love to see what other ferals think. Also would love to hear some counter arguments if any.


I can. It’s called overwhelming cc with high damage output. The only compromise here is that you can’t NS it.

You don’t need stronger heals, because you get so many free heals that are actually good as is. Rets right now are proof that high hybrid heals from melee is extremely overwhelming when they can ALSO do insane DPS.

Did you read? We can still pick up clone. So I don’t see your point in overwhelming cc. If that was the case every feral would 100% pick up clone right now. It’s just simply not true. I somewhat see your second point we do have amazing dps. But it’s mostly pad damage to pets. If it was just on players the damage isn’t that overwhelming, unless during incarn windows


I’m aware you can pick up clone but that doesn’t change the reasoning for why you shouldn’t have it.

And idk what world you think feral is all pad damage, because any remotely decent feral tears through most classes in the game rn. They just tear you apart if they aren’t punished for it, which is why a lot of the hard cast casters aren’t thrilled into qing into them ever.

Are you arguing that clone should be removed in general?

He’s arguing that it shouldn’t be baseline and in order to get it you need to spend talent points on it.

OTHERWISE if it’s baseline it’s overwhelming cc on top of insane damage and great heals to boot

I’ve expressed it ad nauseam, but I would much prefer the ability to have cyclone and stronger single target pressure again instead of the “insane”(broken and mindless) aoe primal wrath, bite funneling cleave in pvp.

This play style is what has driven me away from feral more recently and wanting to play my sub rogue instead - and I’ve been a long time feral main.

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Even in lobbies with no dk/hunter/lock or w/e, I was consistenly doing the most damage overall when I was grinding out the elite mog. I’m not sure what you mean by pad, but just hitting Primal Wrath on people would get their entire team to 40-50%, then it’s just a matter of bashing/maim on the healer, then Apex bite into 5 cp bite into FF 5 cp bite to secure the kill.

I am loving feral in pvp right now. Cleave bleed build is super fun and I like the play style. I think part of the problem is that clone removing all bleeds makes it a super bad CC to pick up. Overall I’m ok not having clone and being super high sustain damage with 2 stuns, its a fun and unique niche for pvp.

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ferals heal for 15k regrowths in arena and warriors can heal for 100k+… enh shams healing for 100k+ rets healing for 100k+ dks death strike 40k+… and to top it off feral playstyle is the most boring it has been… haha i can run in and do a pve rotation and still not be able to compete with rets… ferals tree is absolutely disgusting and needs an actual rework

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