Feral Druid pve

Hey guys druid main here do you guys use ferocious bite when it lights up with apex legendary?

I try to line it up with BT but if I’m energy starved at that moment I’ll use it just because it gives free 25 energy.

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Yes. Either it’ll use a BT charge that’s up, or it’ll give me the energy needed to get BT up.

We are given 4 globals to proc BT, but only need 3. And if you’ve played with BT enough, you’ve learned to pool enough energy to fire off 3 abilities back to back back, so throwing in a Bite and getting 25 energy back from it only helps the cause.

The one exception to this rule (for me), is I will not fire off the free Bite from Apex if I’m saving a charge of BT for Primal Wrath. In that case, I’ll blow PW, then turn around immediately and follow up with a Bite. But normally in this situation, PW is up and rolling and that’s how I got my Apex to proc (although some times you need to refresh that PW!)

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Slightly unrelated, but if you make your own WeakAura, you can add a sound trigger along with the official icon which is helpful. The sound setup within the addon is at Actions > Play Sound and I use the Kitten Meow.

For those who do not have the WeakAura addon yet, you can simply download it using your addon provider, and then:

Step 0. Click the WA icon on your minimap
Step 1. Click New Aura
Step 2. On the Trigger tab setup as follows:

Type: Aura
Unit:  Player
Aura Type: Buff
Aura Name: Apex Predator's Craving

Step 3. On the Display tab, choose where to place the icon.
Step 4. Optionally configure Play Sound on the Actions tab.
Step 5. Win