Feral Druid LF Guild

Hey all. Im looking for a guild that is willing to take someone in who can’t raid on a regular basis. I work 12 hour shifts both nights and days and the schedule switches every 2 weeks. As a result it’s virtually impossible for me to commit to full time raiding. Regardless id love to go to a guild that doesn’t mind having me on the back burner where if I’m available and there is a need I can fill in on occasional raids. Would love to offtank but will dps or even heal if that’s what is needed. I’m on mostly late, so prefer a guild that raids 8:30pm PST or even later would be even better. I have no expectations but would enjoy having some people to interact with. I played vanilla through MoP and then quit in 2014. Wow classic has brought me back and so far I’m enjoying it a ton. Shoot me a tell in game or respond here. I’m really an okay guy lol.