Feral Druid Dead Last in Raid DPS

Hey there, currently ferals are sitting at the bottom of the dps charts once again. The tuning patch next week only addresses this with a 1% feral set bonus buff, only if you have 4 piece. The other struggling dps specs are getting flat 5%+ damage buffs. This will make feral the weakest spec in the game. I know feral isn’t a popular spec, but please consider buffing us a little more. Thanks for your time.


also, “Feral Druid currently holds the longest World First Kill drought, sitting at 2,376 days”


Curious because I see them as 3rd last.

wait till patch hits

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You know standings change every season right? Take the lump this round, and see where we end up next tier.

There’s a lot of reasons for it to appear this way.

  • Encounters Feral is real bad at are over-represented in the sample size (i.e. Experiements, Zskarn). We’re ‘okay’ at Amalg but ranged that get to 2-target for the entire first phase win at that.
  • Stats don’t exclude external buffs (i.e. Power Infusion) so you’ll see an overrepresentation of PI reliant specs (Demo, Dragon, Unholy) at the top.
  • There are a lot of Ferals that are just bad at playing the spec in Mythic. For example, Cheesey is still rank 8 on Rashok in the world among all specs without externals.

I think the more important thing to point out is that Feral is really bad at encounters which periodically increase the target count for a short period of time. We either have to commit to hitting multiple targets or only tunnel a single one - just due to how our talent tree is set up. I don’t necessarily know how you fix that problem (do something to Bees maybe?), but that is the core of the problem.

Anyways it’s way more complicated than “feral damage bad” because that’s just not a true statement by itself.


How many tiers are we supposed to say this? It seems to me this is perpetual for us and apologist comments like this help no one. How many times have these charts/logs shown us low, created a stigma for us, and made getting into groups of any type hard. Wait he says… How long? Just one more tier, then another, then another? When does it stop?


Perform better than the stigma and it’s not an issue. Are you playing at the CE level of gameplay? No. Are you pushing RWF? No.

Okay, guess what? The raids are tuned for every spec to be able to be present and win the encounter. Just because a high end guild didn’t use a certain spec (mind you, they can only take 20 people and theres what…37? specs now?).

Y’all let some tier ranking list define your fun. It’s a little sad. Play the game, enjoy the game. If your guild is benching you because of community perception, get a new guild. You PuG? Okay no big deal. Can’t get into pug raids because of spec? You have the power to create your own raid and invite whoever you want as well.

You could have 3 Feral Druids in your raid and they could all 3 be the bottom of the dps meters and you’d still beat the boss.


The real irony is that most guilds who run with a feral consistently see them at the top.

But yeah…. Let’s let some skewed data you don’t comprehend determin our fun.

/eye roll


I think the people who play Feral and complain Feral are on bottom are telling on themselves with bad play


It’s the one class you can’t just mash buttons to win.

Never has been, never will.


I’m curious how that holds any relevance to you personally.

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Also, that’s a symptom of a long-standing design philosophy: “Just respec.”

Why would you take the mDPS variant when you can take the rDPS variant with less risk? Or, why would the mDPS outvalue the role-deficits for tank and healer options?

The only case those value judgments get ignored is Feral is clearly outperforming relative to other classes. A more fair metric than spec-based representation is class-based (and to reiterate information from the arena forums, representation doesn’t equal performance).

Grizzie, you think the world of yourself and your opinion on everything. No one asked you to get on your soap box and preach but you spew your thoughts anyway. Fact is, when someone complains about our current standing, they are looking for a sympathetic ear from fellow enthusiasts. They arent looking for some smartass to tell them their every thought is wrong from a person who thinks they know everything. In reality, all you really do is pump yourselft up by taking the opposite stance of anyone on any subject. You’re wired that way. Thats what’s sad. Someone says, man i wish we were in a better spot with ST and instead of providing tips with your great intellect, you cut everyone down and offer the glorious wisdom of “there is always next tier”, thus acknowledging the fact. Then you argue with yourself and say that anyone complaining is telling on their own gameplay and get good.

You are a walking, talking contradiction that is so in his own way with contenpt for any opinion that isnt your own that you make no sense.


Oh is that so?

Here’s the simple facts: they come in here with feelings and not facts.
I simply correct them. If their feelings get hurt in the process, then maybe they need to reevaluate a few things before posting.

Contradiction? Here, lemme show you a few things shall I?

Feral playing well above the bottom. Rankings list be damned
Feral playing well above the bottom. Rankings list be damned
Feral playing well above the bottom. Rankings list be damned

All these Ferals doing exceptionally well, even while playing with specs “ranking” well above them. Which we can go back to:

Wanna discuss your feelings on the matter or shall we look at these logs?

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This is a public forum.
Don’t like other peoples opinion?
Too bad.
Go find a toy…

But….They ARE wrong.

Don’t like that opinion?

Again…. Too bad.

Fact remains… there are actual logs that greatly contradict these statistics.

You have morons like OP who think these statics have any bearing on them as an individual. They don’t.

Worse still. You have self appointed guild “leaders” who take these lists as gospel and sit classes who dont make the top.

They are wrong so god damn always and it’s garbage posts like these that only further damage the game, the class, the spec. Your consistent complaining is tiresome.

Grizzle posted logs. Not statistics. Real in game data that directly contradicts the garbage you’re perpetuating.

Youre wrong.

That’s not up for debate.

Could you imagine if the guilds grizzle posted above sat their feral based on this garbage list? Sitting your best player based on the underperformance of trash players?!!!

Truly pathetic.
Just like this thread.

You came to the wrong place!!!
Get lost, losers.

Shame on all of you.

Want sympathy? Give me a reason to be sympathetic. Show me that youre on of your guilds/raids top performers and got benched because of community perception and not bad play

Oh, Wait…. What’s this?
Is that OP?!

Huh…. Look at that. Completely unaffected on a personal level.

I vaguely remember someone saying something about……

Oh yeah…. It was Me.

What an absolute joke this thread has become.

More like….

“Her there. Currently I’m sitting at the top of the dps charts in my guild”

Give me a freaking break.

Too true. I find myself in the top 3 in my raid groups consistently, along side the Dh’s and hunters getting their purple parses.

Maybe there are enough bad feral players to make the overall ranking look bad for the spec, but those of us that can play it well do fine. The biggest problem is the stigma of “Feral = Bad” that gets pushed by threads like these…
Just stop


The one class (spec)? Have you tried arcane mage? Good lord it’s much harder than feral.

Isnt it just blast, barrage, and missles? Lol