Feral Druid Adjustments Coming Soon - April 3rd 2023

rdruid is still garbage. Fixed it for ya.

700ish dps increase

Screw it, buff MM, BM, sub, arms, ele, blood etc, then buff the new worst specs after those aren’t at the bottom anymore. Let the circus begin in earnest!

Happy to see this!
Can we fix ignite munching next, please?

It’s about a 10% increase. Highest you’ll SIM in P2 BIS is 9260 DPS so at most something like a 926 DPS increase. Most of us will never see this set because it requires embrace of the gladiator to make it work and that piece is absurdly contested in most guilds but we only gain around 100 DPS with this 5pc 252 Exodia set. Most of us who have been doing HMs for awhile are probably about 8.5k-9k DPS so at the moment something like an 850-900 DPS gain from the buff we got.

It doesn’t do anything to the rotation though, and it actually creates some spellqueue complications if you macro it in with other spells it will delay the other spell in the macro so we need to just spam to get the highest CPM of everything.

Soo you’re going to buff feral by nerfing boomkins in ICC with their 4 set, nice.


good warriors already include rend in their rotation. just stance dance

youre going to be top dps in icc. you dont need buffs.

and ret is still the lowest dps non-pvp only spec besides like bm hunter and arms warrior.

What are you basing this off?

basic knowledge of how the fury warrior spec works.

Any actual evidence or just what you feel like warriors do? Have you looked at Sims? Any actual data?

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This is from back in Wrath itself


As you can see in the optomized charts fury is way up there



Now on Pservers fury is top, but we don’t know how that will translate to classic so I prefer charts from original

Also note this is normal and heroic players will probably a) play better and b) have better gear like 100% arp which fury needs

Since this went live, I am finding that the Glyph of Shred (the one that adds 2 sec to Rip each Shred you do, up to 6 sec) is NOT working. The extended duration is not being added with the Shreds.
There are like 12 cats hitting the target dummies with me right now and 8 of them confirmed the same thing happening to them too.

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Have you tried on mobs, Wrath target dummies are freaking weird.


It did work on the elite I tried it on in Icecrown. Mayhaps you are right

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yea, don’t trust ANYTHING on those damn things lol.

More changes. All the changes.

This change makes me extremely sad as a dedicated feral player, so I’ll make my first forum post in the 15+ years I’ve been playing wow in an effort to explain why. I don’t understand the reasoning behind the change, and it appears to be specifically designed to take the most fun, flavorful, and unique parts out of the feral dps rotation.

If I wanted a slightly simpler energy based class, I’d play a combat rogue. If I wanted a much simpler energy based class, I’d play an assassination rogue. If I wanted to do top dps, I’d play a death knight ,or a warlock, or one of the many, many other classes available that do more dps than feral. Sure, there are some players who struggle to do the rotation, and probably appreciate this change. But why do the most dedicated players of the spec have to suffer for it? Why is a spec that is mechanically complex and difficult to play a bad thing when so many other classes and specs exist? Why not just take all our abilities away and give us a button called “do damage” that plays the spec for me while you’re at it.

From a flavor perspective, what’s so wrong with a feral druid having to swap between animal forms to do its optimal damage. Seems to me that it fits the theme pretty well. It’s not like unholy death knight where a new strategy was discovered that outclasses all other specs by a large margin either, so why is feral not playing exactly like in 2008 such a bad thing? I could point out a list of other specs that didn’t play the same as in 2008 if you want.

If the goal was to buff feral by 5-10%, then just buff the damage numbers by 5-10%, or do something like with ret paladins that doesn’t impact the rotation. Though, Feral scales fairly well into ICC with armor penetration, so likely the representation of cat players would have risen naturally as the spec gets better over time.

If you wanted to make the spec a bit easier for newcomers without changing the optimal rotation much, you could make faerie fire cat do a bit of damage. You can give it the same criteria as the ret paladin ability change so it doesn’t affect pvp, but tuned in such a way that it’s still optimal to bearweave for skilled players. You could buff the natural shapeshifter talent to give an extra 1% crit in cat form, or a different talent that applies only to cat form damage. I’m sure there’s a solution out there that doesn’t change top end players’ rotation, these are just a couple of ideas I thought of while writing this post.

If you feel like feral dps players are being ignored/replaced in raiding, or suffering socially, why not take a look at feral tanks. On Warcraft Logs, they are brought three times less than the 2nd least common tank. This includes feral druids in the “warden” category too. Overall they make up about 4% of all tanks currently in Ulduar. The cat change seems pretty arbitrary in comparison.

It’s not even consistent with your own reasoning behind changes (besides just the commonly quoted “no more spec changes” principle). Here’s a fun quote from the ret paladin changes:

Goal – Don’t make massive mechanical changes to how Retribution plays. Hand of Reckoning is off the GCD and can easily be weaved in between other abilities without adding a lot of mechanical change to how the class plays now. We feel that this is a fairly low-impact solution to provide a bit more output for players that want to opt-into this Glyph.

And finally, threat issues. Fortunately, blessing of salvation exists and last time I checked, people tend to bring paladins to raid. Vigilance exists too, for those raids that run a prot warrior, which is fairly common when there’s no prot paladin tanking. Perhaps in the occasional 10-man raid without either of those, you’d have to suck it up and bearweave a little less to compensate, or flowerweave for a tiny decrease in dps for a massive reduction in threat.

I’m trying not to be an elitist here, as I understand many players with lower skill level benefit and like this change. But the numbers put up on the dps meter are not the only thing that matters when you’re playing a game for fun. And at the end of the day, I thought the spec was more fun when I did less dps but had a more engaging rotation. It was hard, and there were always ways to improve your dps by practicing and getting better rather than just getting better gear.

I know this is a wall of text, but I wanted to address every aspect of why I despise this change and hope that it will be reverted or replaced with some other, less impactful change that could keep all ferals happy.

I wish they just left my spec alone rather than try and decide halfway through the expansion that my way of playing it was wrong. I’ve hated it in the past when they’ve done it with retail and I hate it now. I’m sure there are going to be people who disagree with this because they want feral to be the same difficulty and play style as rogues, but with an orange name rather than a yellow one. I’m also sure there will be people who don’t play the spec at all that want to weigh in with made up information that’s just wrong. Just stop at the ret buffs and leave my class alone.

There will always be unpopular dps specs, and it makes sense that the hardest to play is one of them. There will also be classes that do less damage than others, and while it sucks that one of them is mine, there’s always going to be at least some of them when balancing an asymmetrical game like WoW.


“going to be top in icc” Based on what ? private servers ? unreliable data and Private servers didnt have munching eating away deep wounds procs. and that is if blizzard doesnt change more on itemization wich could gimp us even more

This “slight buff” is live atm, a decently geared feral friend of mine is getting a 1k bonus dps just from this “Slight buff. to raise the floor skill level” not with full raid buffs, in orgrimmar completely unbuffed, without sunders or anything. “Slight Buff”.
and yet you find asking not to trash a full rage bar stance dancing for 38 extra dps or actualy fixing munching, a mechanic that is working improperly causing 100-200 dps loss because of the cataclysm game client, to be unreasonnable ?

fury warriors are bottom dps all the way up the 70th percentile, and don’t beat feral until 80th, ret 90th. but yeah sure i guess, Warriors will get to do reasonable dps in 2024 when most of icc is on farm after being trash tier for most of the expansion

hey im happy for druids. Just sad that we got nerfed for 40 extra dps fiery enchants memes in under 12 hours, no fix on bugs, yet 2 other class get a 700-1k+ dps increase,


True. Id take the QOL Though lol

Overall they make up about 4% of all tanks currently in Ulduar.

This is wrong. Ferals are under 3% of the tanks in Ulduar.