Feral Buffs


About dang time! Been begging for a little bit of tweaking since the season started ;-;


I want more


Feeling good

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That feels, ok. More AOE buffs than ST buffs where so much of the damage is in FB, but Feral isn’t bad on ST so this feels pretty fine.


Would this make Lunar Inspiration viable?

On m+?, i dont think so

Single target LI really already is viable and does more damage than Brutal Slash for proccing Blood Talons. It is just not worth taking for anything beyond strict ST damage.

So yes, this will make it viable, but not multi-dot-able. It is nowhere near Rake as far as damage for multidotting.

I rlly want to see how much those buffs increases our dmg, what u guys think about those RF buffs, i wasnt using it anymore, will it be viable again?

Rough napkin math, looks like about a 2-3% ST buff and an 7-8% AOE buff. Feels decent.

This assuming current talents and not taking RF?
If so, those numbers aren’t bad at all.

Should help where we’ve been lacking. Good to see finally.

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mr elitist grizzle, who has been replying to every feral aoe complaints and claimed its user skill issues, has copy pasted feral aoe buff blue post.

you know i gave up on you when you posted random 22+ key log to the prove that ferals took sudden ambush as if we do currently. (btw i can take all the left side talents of berserk and still time 22)

anyways, i laughed and gave up on you yet again.


Oh you mean when you claimed that no one took Sudden Ambush until this tier and then was proven wrong by a random and non cherry picking log?

In case you forgot

Enjoy your day! :slight_smile:

Wow… these buffs are extremely underwhelming. Again, this does jack and squat to overall damage. All they did was edge up the DOT and next to nothing to direct. WHoopie!!!

Again, the community, overall, suffers from abused spouse syndrome. Lookie, my spouse gave me a flower, but damn, my arms and legs are still broken. 10-25% of squat, is still squat. Throwing me a stale, moldy cracker to eat, is still a stale moldy cracker. These increases do not even bring us to parity with the middle of the pack. A player at the same skill and item level is still going to blow the feral out of the water without even trying. Ret pally vrs feral… not even close, feral will lose every time with a person in equal gear and skill. I am not looking for godmode, but parity with the middle of the pack would be nice. There should not be a dps variation of 20-30k dps between the middle of the pack and where feral currently is (according to raid IO and other parse sites). Love or hate Izen, his reports are pretty spot on and even with the so-called buffs, it is not even going to be close and we are still going to be the loser of the melee dps pack.


Makes sense, but any help should be welcome, if beating bad players gets easier im happy with that. But yes, i felt so good when the buffs came but then realized its only a 6%ish buff, no big deal at all.

Nice for all you Feral Cats out there hopefully will see more out in the world.

Not when they never get M+ invites :smiley:


Not sure it’s enough. Hopefully it is. There are demon hunters in the same gear doing a third more damage than ferals overall in keys.

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reading is so hard. ‘as if we currently do’

also, you just skipped what i wrote in ( ) for your connivence.

yeah NOBODY took sudden ambush (unless raid aka single target). its always yes or no for elistis with 18 m+ runs. btw why did you post 22? you cant even complete 22 m+.

why didnt you pull a log of + 10 or +2 instead with sudden ambush? aren’t those more in your skill area?

ps: wait hold on, I claimed sudden ambush was never taken BECAUSE rampant ferocity was viable before the number of nerfs. (as most of my replies were about rampant ferocity)

this is very different as you CLAIMED people took ambush before not nerfed rampant.

you are just hopeless huh?