Fenlock - Unable to submit ticket

Why is your Web Ticket and Live Chat system not working? I ran a Traceroute and Pathping this AM per the available troubleshooting instructions and I’d like to submit these results (preferably not here). Both your Live Chat and Web Ticket systems should be open right now according to your posted information but when I try to click “Submit” it doesn’t work and I’ve disabled all pop-up blockers.

I’m with Telus (Canada).

Heya Fenlock,

Moved you to your own thread so your issue doesn’t derail that thread. Usually when you can’t submit a ticket, it’s because the ticket is missing System Files. You can try creating and attaching those. If you’re on windows, you want to submit MSInfo and DXDiag files. If you’re on mac, a system profiler file will also get you in. You can also attach your connection tests when you put in the ticket.